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Digital: Solane boosts digital transformation with new web ordering platform and mobile app

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Local LPG brand Solane is expanding its digital transformation with the launch of its new cloud-based web ordering platform and its new Solane mobile application. With increasing demand on customer centricity and convenience, both platforms will be used to give customers an easier and more accessible way to order Solane LPG.

“This pandemic has been challenging for everyone, and we want to ensure that our customers can still have access to clean and safe kitchen fuel – our Verified Solane products – despite lockdown and health restrictions,” Princess Gonzales, Contact Center Manager of Isla LPG, said. “The solution is to go digital even for an LPG company, to deliver safe, premium, and reliable LPG solutions.”


Prior to these innovations, Solane took orders from customers through its SMS channels, Hatid Bahay hotline, and Facebook page – with live agents tending to messages and calls and documenting order details. The orders are then transmitted to respective Solane showrooms based on the customers’ addresses, while the showrooms fulfill the orders and handle the logistics.

With the new automated process via the web ordering platform, a large portion of Solane’s workforce can now be redirected towards core business processes. At the same time, Solane is also looking at gaining better business insights on customer demand brought by the ease of tracking automated and digitized processes.

The new ordering platform can be found on Solane’s recently revamped website. Upon registering for an account, the system allows customers to save their personal information and multiple delivery addresses for faster placement of orders in the future. In addition, as opposed to placing orders via SMS, hotline, or Facebook, the website includes a product catalog with photos to ensure that customers are purchasing the right items.

Meanwhile, Solane’s mobile application lets consumers browse through product assortment, pricing, and availability found in the Solane showrooms near them. With just a few taps, app users can transact with the Solane showroom nearest to them, and checkout and pay through cash-on-delivery (COD). The app also lets users track their orders from order confirmation, all the way to delivery, and unlock, collect, and apply vouchers to avail of discounts.

“Soon, we will add options for payment methods upon checkout, and also launch app-exclusive offers and deals to further benefit customers who use the Solane app,” Gonzales added.

Solane mobile application is available for both Android and iOS users. Customers may easily download it from their mobile app stores.

While the web ordering platform and Solane application cater to digitally savvy consumers, Solane will be retaining its SMS channels, Hatid Bahay hotline, and Facebook page as options for customers who prefer the traditional process.

“Part of our commitment is to keep finding ways to serve our customers better, and we hope to achieve this by opening these additional platforms to provide more options for our customers and widen our reach as well,” Gonzales concluded.

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