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Digital: Twitter kicks off 2021 with #NewYearNewList to inspire people creating their new year’s resolution with Twitter List

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Like every other year, we have arrived at that moment where we start to list down New Year’s resolutions. 2020 has made us appreciate things that really matter; such as taking good care of our health, starting a new business, or picking up a new skill; which we may not get the chance (or time!) to do in the previous year. 

To kick off 2021 on a strong note, Twitter launched the #NewYearNewList campaign and partnered with creators across Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand) to share their New Year’s resolutions and people that inspire them through Twitter List. From January 13-15, they will also encourage and help guide people on how they can create their own Twitter Lists to include accounts that can help motivate them to achieve their new year’s goal. To pass on their inspirations to each other, they also encourage them to Tweet out their lists.

Whether your new year’s goal is to cook and eat more healthy food, find more inspirations for your creative, or work out more for better health, you can now join us to create your own #NewYearNewList. With Twitter List, it not only helps you stay updated with your motivation, but it also connects you with like-minded people to share some ideas to achieve goals together.


In the Philippines, Twitter engaged with a wide range of creators such as Keiko Necesario-Cubil (@KeikoSoundsLike), Coeli San Luis (@coelimusic_), Cyrill Acuña (@awkwardbutable), Alexa Asahina (@alexaasahina), and Een Mercado (@eenmercado) to share their Twitter Lists that represent their passion and people who inspire them. These creators cover a diverse range of topics: from entertainment, arts and gaming. To exchange further ideas about their #NewYearNewList with fans and followers, they will also host Q&A sessions during the campaign period.

@TwitterPH also created a list for reliable Crisis and Disaster Relief information sources and local entertainment, a go-to list to stay updated with news and current events.   

Create your own Twitter Lists, Tweet it on with #NewYearNewList, and tag us @TwitterPH to kick off this new year together.

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