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Digital: Viddsee Launches “Tomorrow Starts Today” Anthology to Promote Lifelong Learning Among Singaporeans with SkillsFuture

SINGAPORE – Viddsee launched the series ‘Tomorrow Starts Today’, which comprises three short films. Produced by Viddsee Studios in partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore, the films promote lifelong learning amongst Singaporeans. Making its debut today is ‘Bak Gia (Eyeglasses)’, followed by ‘Dam (Checkers)’ on April 8, and ‘Aasai (Aspiration)’ on April 15.



The films range between four to five minutes long, and were directed by M Raihan Halim, an experienced filmmaker whose works include Singapore’s first commercially produced Malay film ‘Banting’, as well as short films like ‘Common Ground’, which was part of Viddsee’s ProjectRED short film anthology last year.

‘Bak Gia’ (Hokkien for ‘eyeglasses’) is the story of a senior optician who refuses to embrace social media, until a younger shop assistant shows him how it can save his business; ‘Dam’ (Malay for ‘checkers’) is a tale of two retirees who try to maintain their cross-border friendship through their smartphones. The final film, ‘Aasai’ (Tamil for ‘aspiration’) revolves around a saman aunty (parking meter maid) who discovers a knack for guiding tourists, and took the plunge to leave her day job to become a guide.

The campaign will run for two months across multiple platforms, with the films available on Viddsee’s Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as It will be supported by a combination of cutdowns, editorial articles and trailers.

Derek Tan, Viddsee’s Chief Commercial Officer said: “What makes these films an entertaining and effective way to promote learning are their authenticity and heart. Having worked with Raihan before, we know how capable his films are in portraying everyday Singaporeans in real and relatable ways, which then drives conversation and engagement with audiences.”

Ms Patricia Woo, Director, Corporate Marketing and Communications Division, SkillsFuture Singapore said: “These three films showcase heart-warming stories of individuals who embrace learning in their everyday lives. Through these films, we hope that Singaporeans will be further inspired to empower themselves through lifelong learning and skills mastery.”

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