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GoDaddy boosts growth of Philippine-based developers with AI

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — GoDaddy has announced cutting-edge digital solutions in the Philippines with latest innovations to its WordPress Hosting product. GoDaddy will now focus on offering products with an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into WordPress to help designers and developers save time on a variety of tasks.

The new GoDaddy Managed WordPress brings AI into site building and managing customer relationships. By answering a few simple questions, users can have the first draft of a starter site completely built, with images included. And when it comes to working with customers, The Hub by GoDaddy Pro uses AI as a virtual assistant. This can help developers by improving their productivity by generating client communications, providing advice for running and growing their business, and helps with troubleshooting website errors.

“GoDaddy is dedicated to providing online tools that accelerate the digital transformation journey for designers and developers. The combination of GoDaddy Managed WordPress with generative AI creates a solution that makes the latest technology accessible to Filipino entrepreneurs in a user-friendly way,” said Selina Bieber, Vice President International Markets for GoDaddy. “This integration of AI into GoDaddy tools further equips designers and developers with an all-in-one toolkit, enabling them to connect with their target audience creatively and effectively.”


GoDaddy has revolutionized the onboarding process for building a WordPress site. Users are asked a few questions about their business and their goals for the site. GoDaddy AI takes over from there. It automatically creates a website, with content and images, based on the answered questions. Users still have complete control. Before the site is published, users can review and make edits to the content to ensure it aligns to their brand and reflects accurate and up-to-date information.

In addition to creating a website in a few short clicks, GoDaddy AI is also heavily featured in the Hub by GoDaddy Pro. This enables developers and designers to create customer proposals, get advice on how to more effectively and securely build a website, generate website content, and manage client communications all powered by AI. This gives designers and developers the ability to quickly and easily create their most vital communications to customers. Once they are happy with the message, they can send it to their clients. It is designed to be an indispensable asset in the toolbox of web professionals, guiding them through the intricacies of their web design and development projects.

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