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GoDaddy shares crucial tips for small business growth through online presence

SINGAPORE — Small businesses are embracing digitalization and catering to their customer needs through various online channels. With new technologies emerging, such as artificial intelligence, there is no time like the present to help your small business grow by taking advantage of the online world. 

A GoDaddy 2023 global survey examined the status of small businesses, including their ways of reaching customers and surviving in highly competitive markets. APAC countries surveyed, including the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, showed the use of a business website, online store, e-commerce, or a combination of them, ranking at 57% of survey respondents. These results support the idea that having a strong online presence with multiple complementary channels can be vital for businesses to thrive and grow in today’s competitive digital environments. 

With this in mind, GoDaddy shares five tips to help small businesses grow with an online presence: 


It starts with a domain name 

When getting started, check the availability of domain names for the desired name. A domain name can be considered a business’ piece of real estate and identity online. It is a way for customers to find a business online easily. 

Choosing and registering a domain name for a memorable business is increasingly important in an expanding digital marketplace, as it helps shape online business identity. If the .com extension is not available, there are many new extensions available, such as: .shop; .co.; .photography; .tech, to name a few, for business owners to consider which can help define their business.  After choosing a domain name, they should register it with a reliable hosting provider immediately. 

Build a website  

Websites help create visibility for small businesses and act as a home base for a business on the internet, even if it’s for a brick-and-mortar store.  A website can help consumers easily find a business, learn about product offerings and services, and contact the appropriate channels for more information. 

A well-designed professional looking website can offer an engaging customer experience with the use of text along with photo images and video.  Having a website gives entrepreneurs control over the messaging about their business and can serve as a hub by linking with their social media channels. 

Listen to customers 

The growth of one’s business is directly related to customer satisfaction. Business owners should listen to their customers and pay attention to the needs of their target market. They can start by identifying their problems and pain points. How can a business’ offerings act as a solution? Is it possible to develop new products to help solve these problems?  Engage for customer feedback and monitor customer behavior changes and audience interests. 

Develop a business support system 

By developing a strong business support system, entrepreneurs can benefit from new ideas on addressing a particular issue or ideas for growth. In addition to close family and friends, they can consider mentors and business coaches who can provide relevant insights into the business. 

Review the business plan 

Many entrepreneurs make a business plan at the beginning of their business journey but do not take the time to revisit it from time to time. So, analyzing aspects of that business plan like target audience and competitors, examining cash flows and what can make the business profitable, and checking timelines to reach business goals are all equally essential to help ensure the continued growth of one’s business. 

For more information on how GoDaddy can help your small business: Domain Names, Websites, Hosting & Online Marketing Tools – GoDaddy PH 

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