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Got an inspiring career moment? Share it on #MyJobStreetStories


MANILA – has been a leading job portal in the Philippines and the go-to website of Filipinos who are looking for jobs that perfectly match their skills and knowledge.

For Philippines’ Country Manager Philip Gioca, their primary focus is providing jobs for more Filipinos and has been their vision ever since they entered the market. “We don’t think that we are number one because it has given us the inspiration to be able to give [jobs to more Filipinos]. So we are focusing more on the ‘giving’ part. It’s more of the contribution that we do in so many years and that has propelled and even fueled our aspirations to be better than yesterday.”


Filipinos who have found their jobs through JobStreet attest to how it became an avenue to improve their careers through the campaign “My JobStreet Story (#MyJobStreetStories)”. It is a testimonial campaign that collects and tells stories of how candidates found their job via The now employed candidates share how the job portal was able to help them through their journey.

Gioca says of the campaign, “We saw the growing trend now that testimonials can be viral, testimonials can be really emotionally felt and that’s where Filipinos are. We can emotionally feel for people.”

He also opined that this campaign is also a way of inspiring other people to share their career stories. “This story talks about the journey of a certain job seeker who has found his/her job in JobStreet and how that evolves into helping the person improve his/her career.”

Got an inspiring career moment? Here’s how you can share it on #MyJobStreetStories: 

Visit for more information. 

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