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IMMAP launches Digital Dive Camp, includes Collegiate webinar series and bootcamp

MANILA – Digital is changing the pace of business and industry. This highlights the importance of having the necessary digital skills to stay relevant. Marketing, an all too important role in any business, must raise the game level, and digital is the way to go.

The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), the pioneer organization for all things digital marketing goes beyond the workplace to the academe. For the first time, IMMAP’s focus is on the breeding ground of thinking and learning and going direct to the students, and their teachers. Call it the natural progression of things.

Created this year, the IMMAP Digital DiveCamp is a series of projects under the Education Committee that reaches out to the sectors most in need of digital marketing trainings and workshops. First on the launchpad is the Collegiate Webinar that is a 10-part series featuring key digital marketing topics and relevant case studies discussed by experts in the field. The webinar series is in partnership with the Association of Marketing Educators (AME).


Says Roshan Nandwani, Collegiate Sub-comm Chair, “The Digital DiveCamp drives the importance of reaching out to students, the future practitioners, at an early stage. The industry is in need of digital professionals, wired in the skills of digital, and learned in the art of marketing.”

Colleges are encouraged to register their students to the webinar series not just for the learning, but also for the chance to join the Digital DiveCamp hackathon. Registration is now open for schools to send their 6-man teams. The hackathon is scheduled for October 4 and 5 at the PICC.

Highlighting the EduComm’s efforts is the Digital YouthCon also on October 3, also at the PICC.

“IMMAP’s efforts may still be baby steps, but definitely we’re stepping on stable ground. The webinar series, the Youthcon and hackathon are carefully planned steps that can be sustainable because it involves the students,” shares Rudy Villar, EduComm co-Chair.

“The youth are always hungry for new things. The Digital DiveCamp fuses digital marketing, where the learning will prove beneficial to the students, and to the industry,” says Hans Roxas Chua, EduComm co-Chair.

The Education Committee and the Digital Dive Camp is in partnership with the Certified Digital Marketing Program offered by eLearning Edge.

The Digital DiveCamp includes a series designed for SMEs, plus a provincial Roadshow.

For more information on the IMMAP Digital Dive Camp click:

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