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People: GIGIL’s Creative Partner Herbert Hernandez chooses the best ads of the week for Best Ads on TV

MANILA, Philippines– GIGIL’s Creative Partner Herbert Hernandez has been named the guest judge of this week’s Best Ad of the Week. In a tweet, Hernandez said that he based his choices on the time spent watching the work.



Hernandez chose Apple’s “Shot on iPhone by Damien Chazelle – Vertical Cinema

“Clear winner. The cinematography. The buzz it generated. I shared it on my social media accounts when I saw it last week. It’s the clear winner for film. It embraced vertical films. It’s really hard to convince client to do this kind of thing but I guess Apple is Apple.”

A sucker for humor, he put Geico Insurance’s “John Stamos Knits A Scarf” and  Bond’s “Turtlenecks and Crewnecks” as runner-ups. He also notes What We Do Next, The WALLS Between Us, and Oakley Sunglasses’ One Love for their cinematography and music.


For this category, Hernandez picked Mucinex’s PSA campaign.




















“This used to be my favorite category here on BestAds. Not sure if the current batch lived up to expectations. But there are some notable pieces, both are COVID-19 related, but I judged them according to their own merit.”


“I was wondering if this category was on lockdown (sad) But if I have to choose, it’s Premiership Rugby.”


“Interactive was the most fun category. I started from exploring a school’s interactive website, to pay cuts, then a porn site. So diverse, it made my day,” he said.

For Hernandez, it was a close call between Burger King’s “Pay Cut Whopper” and Pornhub’s “End the Orgasm Gap.” In the end, he chose Pay Cut Whopper as the clear winner.

Speaking on the campaign,  “I’m sure this created a buzz. Really amazing stunt. Maximizing what’s available. Turning challenges into opportunities. I can imagine this winning in next year’s awards shows. It’s really well-timed. Seeing people getting laid off or furloughed, this would somehow make them feel good. Making every order a little easier on their wallet. Makes you love the Burger King brand even more.”

“This cause is one of the most neglected ones, and I would champion it. I didn’t even know August 8 is Female Orgasm Day. This campaign made me realize so many things…just kidding. But I was laughing the whole time I was watching it. It’s so hilarious and brilliant at the same time.”


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