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#WorldEmojiDay: Here are the most popular emojis on Twitter

SINGAPORE – As #WorldEmojiDay took place over the weekend, Twitter created a custom emoji to celebrate the beloved emoji’s birthday.

Twitter Asia-Pacific also shared some data on emoji usage on Twitter.

  • The number one emoji globally is

  • Unique emojis that Filipinos use include:

  • We also took a look at the most used emojis in 20 countries around the world

The data also shows a few fun facts about how emojis are Tweeted:

  • People Tweet more beer emojis than coffee emojis

  • Twitter has a favorite emoji monkey, the see no evil monkey

  • There are more full heart emojis Tweeted than broken heart emojis 


Twitter data shows that some emojis are more popular than others depending on the season. These emojis shined most for each month of the year:


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