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Yahoo! Mail gets update with new Contact Cards

by Oliver Bayani

GLOBAL — Yahoo! Mail got a recent update with the introduction of new contact cards that displays useful information about your contacts at a glance without leaving the inbox.

The cards pop up when a mouse cursor is hovered over a contact’s name, automatically showing their profile picture, phone numbers, company names and links to their social media profiles. Users can even search previous emails from that contact and start a new email via the cards.


Another interesting feature of the new contact cards is the ability to update a contact’s phone number by digging through their old emails in your inbox to look for possible up-to-date numbers he/she might have posted.

It’s essentially a beefed-up Caller ID for your Inbox which Yahoo! said uses technology from Xobni,  a San Francisco-based company involved in smart email and contacts management that the search giant acquired for $60 Million back in 2013.

Yahoo!’s new Contact Cards may appear as a response to Google and its similar revamp of its Contacts service earlier this March. It included three new features, a new look and – you guessed it – a redesigned contact card.

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