Education: Enderun launches a new degree program in multimedia arts, pioneer batch begins in August 2022

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Enderun Colleges is proud to introduce the Bachelor of Multimedia Arts, its newest professional undergraduate degree program. As a new game-changer in the Philippines’ multimedia arts learning ecosystem, Enderun is committed to develop the students’ global competence in the thriving industry of multimedia arts. The program is housed under the College of Architecture and Design (CAD) and is currently accepting student applications for its pioneer batch in August 2022.

Enderun’s multimedia arts program has formed an Advisory Board composed of some of the industry’s brightest minds and most influential figures. The highly-acclaimed roster includes Budjette Tan, a Filipino comic book writer and co-creator of the comic book series “Trese” and the Creative Lead for LEGO Agency in Denmark; Dan Matutina, 2013 Art Directors Club Young Guns Awardee and Founding Partner of Plus63 and Hydra Design Group; Seven A.D., seven-time 4A’s Independent Agency of the Year Awardee headed by Teeny Gonzales, Tey San Diego, and Russell Molina; Colman Walsh, Founder and CEO of UX Design Institute in Ireland; Donald Lim, one of the Philippines’ founding fathers of digital marketing and the Chief Operating Officer of DITO CME Holdings Corporation and Chief Innovation Officer of Udenna Corporation; Ivan Despi, Co-owner and Creative Director of The Acid House and Partner for the Hydra Design Group; and Michelle Barreto, CEO and Head of Strategy of Vitamin B, Inc.

The Advisory Board provides recommendations and suggestions regarding industry trends and curriculum development, learning opportunities through lectures of round table discussions with students to share experiences as leaders in the industry, and opening internship opportunities for students through their industry network.


Anchored by Enderun’s vision “Command, Shift, Design,” the multimedia arts program allows students to foster their competencies in art and design while enriching their critical thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, communication skills, and problem-solving capabilities. Secured with a global mindset, graduates of the multimedia arts program shall leave a lasting impression in the industry, integrate lessons in producing international caliber standardized outputs, and shape their design principles as they establish their names professionally in the future.

“Multimedia arts has grown more accessible throughout the years. Many artists were previously unable to create whatever they desired due to software constraints and extensive training. This is how multimedia arts has evolved, everything is now accessible and the capacity to create is now limitless,” says Rico Rojas, Sr., Multimedia Artist of Seven A.D.

Ivan Despi explains that students can bring something new into the world and any of these things have the potential to inspire and affect others. When students generate that kind of response, there will be a clamor for their work, and that demand can be monetized. Similarly, Dan Matutina says that graduates of the multimedia arts program can work in advertising agencies or creative firms. They can also become business owners by establishing their design studios.

For Donald Lim, he believes that the creative industry is encompassing. “Content cannot be created just for the sake of creating content. That’s the expectation of the business today. Creatives should [have their] metrics while committing to business results,” he stresses.

According to Enderun Colleges’ President Edgardo Rodriguez, “In the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is shaping our lives, there is a deep concern about how the new disruptive technologies will serve to reinvent rather than compress our future jobs. The answer is: while these technologies will eliminate repetitive and predictable work, they will also beg for the creative instincts and thinking processes that only the human mind supplies. I can think of no better career and discipline that can achieve this creative balance than the multimedia arts.”

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