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City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust arrives in SM cinemas on November 08

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The final chapter begins in the long-awaited theatrical release of City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust with the film’s main protagonist Ryo Saeba, a highly-skilled gunman and most-sought sweeper working tirelessly to get rid of crimes in the city of Tokyo.

A non-stop hyper-action anime film, City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust is based on the latest manga finale where Ryo faces his dark past and stops a new breed of enemies designed to become super soldiers injected with nanomachines known as Angel Dust.

Celebrating the anime series’ 35th anniversary, City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust is the newest theatrical anime film produced by Aniplex and animated by Sunrise. Ryo Saeba, aka City Hunter, will do anything, from being a bodyguard to contract killing but will only take the job if a pretty woman is involved. Together with Kaori Makimura, the younger sister of his late best friend Hideyuki, Ryo fights the evil haunting the shadows of the city.


The film follows Ryo and Kaori taking on a new client named Angie who seems to have lost her cat while touring the city. Constantly attracted to beautiful women, Kaori strictly watches over Ryo’s advanced moves toward Angie to help him focus on the mission. Meanwhile, Saeko Nogami of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, with the help of Umibozu and Miki, investigates the invention of a new technology designed to create soldiers with unparalleled strength and skills. The same dark technology is the latest version of the Angel Dust that caused the death of Ryo’s partner.

The movie landed at number one at Japan’s box office when it opened and has so far earned more than USD 6 million in domestic alone. Anime and movie fans can look forward to a non-stop action movie and will be delightfully surprised with cameos from their favorite anime characters.

From Encore Films distributed by Warner Bros., City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust opens soon exclusively at SM Cinemas on November 08.


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