Comic enthusiasts anticipate a thrilling year with these upcoming 2024 comic events

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — As seen in the previous article 10 Favorite Comics of 2023, it’s been a great time for comic book fans, And 2024 shows no signs of letting up as seen by these upcoming events: 

Avengers: Twilight

Creators involved: Chip Zdarsky and Daniel Acuna

The scoop: In a dark future where the Avengers are gone, only Captain America remains to reform the team and take down the forces that destroyed them.


What’s the big deal? Writer Chip is a proven storyteller especially when it comes to alternate realities (Spider-Man: Life Story) and comic book events (Devil’s Reign).  

Untitled Transformers/G.I.Joe Event

Creators involved: Robert Kirkman, Daniel Warren Johnson, and Joshua Williamson

The scoop: The new Transformers and G.I.Joe titles (along with Void Rivals, the comic that served as the stealth relaunch) belong to a heavily interconnected universe titled the Energon Universe. Comic news sites report that the return of Decepticon leader Megatron will lead to a massive crossover. 

What’s the big deal? Flagship title Transformers is setting the stage for an epic Transformers vs G.I. Joe war! 

Beast World

Creators involved: Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis, and Nicola Scott

The scoop: When an intergalactic threat starts transforming humans and superhumans into ferocious beasts, Titans member Beast Boy may be humanity’s greatest savior or its destruction. 

What’s the big deal? The name Tom Taylor is now synonymous with quality DC titles thanks to his work on Nightwing and Titans so an event tying his titles together makes sense. Plus, having A-list artist Ivan Reis draw the mini-series is a huge draw. 

Gang War

Creators Involved: Zeb Wells, Cody Ziglar, John Romita Jr., and Frederico Vicentini

The scoop: The power vacuum left behind by Kingpin has been brewing for quite some time and now has erupted into a supervillain war on the streets of New York, that Spider-Man and his allies vow to stop.

What’s the big deal? This quasi-sequel to Devil’s Reign will have major repercussions for the Marvel Universe. 

Jason Aaron on DC

Creators Involved: Aaron, Doug Mankhe, and John Timms

The Scoop: The just launched Batman: Off-World mini-series is writer Aaron’s debut in the main DC universe and in January he starts writing Superman in Action Comics.

What’s the Big Deal? Aaron made a name for himself with his gritty and powerful stories in Wolverine and Thor.

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