Comics: Here are some Spider-Man stories to read before watching Spider-Man: No Way Home

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Comic book guy JV Tanjuatco is back for some new reads to recommend in anticipation of a new film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fans are in total speculation mode while waiting for the theatrical release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The trailers do give away which comic books SM:NWH’s plot is based on. Here’s what could possibly happen according to these stories. (Warning: spoilers ahead)


Civil War (Writer: Mark Millar. Artist: Steve McNiven)

As part of a government mandate, Spidey is forced to unmask and becomes a fugitive from the law. SM:NWH Theory: Like the comic, Peter Parker is now outed as Spider-Man and considered a criminal. The trailers show Spidey being chased by helicopters but we also see him being questioned by the cops and going back to school. At best, it looks like Spidey gets exonerated but still vulnerable because he’s outed.

Amazing Spider-Man: One More Day (W: J. Michael Stracynski. A: Joe Quesada)

Civil War’s impact hits Peter real hard after tragedy strikes. Pushed to the brink, Spidey makes a deal with the demon Mephisto to revert everything back to normal. SM:NWH Theory: As the trailers show, Peter asks Doctor Strange to magically change reality so do the same thing but it goes wrong. In One More Day, the majority of people forget who Peter is except for a select people like MJ. Maybe the spell does the job but with side effects as we can see in the next story.

Amazing Spider-Man: Happy Birthday (W: J. Michael Stracynski. A: John Romita Jr.)

A spell gone wrong tosses both Spidey and Doctor Strange through the timestream. In order to get home, Spidey has to relive his worst battles with enemies like Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. But he also gets a moment to spend with his Uncle Ben as well. SM:NWH Theory: Doctor Strange’s spell allows villains from other universes into the MCU but also allows this joyful reunion to happen (and it would be great to see the MCU Uncle Ben).

Spider-Verse (W: Dan Slott. A: Olivier Coipel)

Our Spider-Man gathers different Spideys from various realities to fight a threat too big for one Spider-Man! SM:NWH Theory: This is actually more wishful thinking than theory but if these villains from alternate realities prove too much for Spider-Man, wouldn’t it make sense for him to round up other Spider-Men (Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield) to help even the odds? Every Spider-fan is hoping that this theory (and dream) comes true!

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