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Riot Games Philippines elevates local esports ecosystem with open call for Liga Republika tournament

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Riot Games, the leading developer and publisher of globally renowned games and esports titles, has officially opened the nationwide registration for the open qualifiers round of Liga Republika, the country’s newly launched national League of Legends tournament created by Pinoys for Pinoy players.

Following its recent global announcement about the formation of a brand new LoL Esports Ecosystem set to debut in 2025, Riot Games Philippines is leveraging Liga Republika 2024 as a foundational element to elevate the competitive scene for local grassroots gaming communities and forge a path for Pinoy players to improve their chances of competing in the international stage.

“This is a pivotal time for League of Legends and the gaming community in the country. We are excited for the launch of Liga Republika to reinvigorate Filipino players and the wider League of Legends community. Hot on the heels of our recently announced changes to League esports, our commitment to competitive play is stronger than ever. We are confident that Liga Republika is the right next step to take in improving the competitive League of Legends scene in the Philippines,” said Joel Guzman, Country Manager of Riot Games Philippines.

Riot Games Philippines Opens Nationwide Registration INS

Kickoff invitational results and open qualifiers registration updates

Last year’s top PH teams Guardian’s Hive and Looking for Sponsor (LFS) dominated the first Kickoff Invitational round of the Liga Republika last May, and have qualified for the group stage in August. Fantasy Esports and Ninja Alpha are also advancing into the group stage.

Liga Republika has since opened the registration for the open qualifiers, which will have four rounds slated on July 13, July 20, July 27, and August 02. Interested participants in the Philippines can form a team of at least five players in order to join and register for the open qualifiers from June 03 to June 20. Teams can register for all four rounds of the open qualifiers for increased chances of winning and advancing to the group stage.

With the announcement of the open registration, the league expects a total of 512 teams to compete in the open qualifiers round, where they will battle for one of the 12 slots in the group stage. The teams will be trimmed down to eight in the playoffs, and the tournament will culminate offline in a LAN event in September where the top four finalists will vie for the million-peso prize pool.

“From our initial roadmap announcement, we’ve seen the enthusiasm and vibrance of the League of Legends community in the Philippines. This also shows that the Filipino gaming community has welcomed, embraced, and acknowledged Liga Republika as the official national League of Legends tournament. This positive reception from the gaming community has made all of us at Riot Games Philippines even more confident that Liga Republika is well on its way to becoming the breeding ground for the next generation of Pinoy League of Legends talents. We are optimistic that, together with our players, we can usher in a new era of League of Legends in the Philippines through Liga Republika,” said Kimi Salazar, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Brand Manager of Riot Games Philippines.

Cultivating the competitive readiness of Pinoy League of Legends players

The global LoL Esports update ushers in a new era and journey for players and communities via a new merit-based pathway to the top. In APAC, this gives rise to a new regional league that is aimed at showcasing regular inter-regional competitions via a new hybrid partnership plus promotion/relegation league model, which, in future seasons, provides the opportunity for guest teams from domestic leagues, including in Southeast Asia to embark on the path for promotion and eventually vie for berths to international events.

In line with this announcement, Riot Games Philippines eyes Liga Republika as the foundation for elevating the competitiveness of LoL players in the country to open new pathways for local players in the future. “This is exciting for us because Filipino League players have been clamoring for legitimate competitive recognition. But we need to earn it, and we do that by elevating the national competitive scene first. We at Riot Games Philippines are focusing on boosting local competitiveness through Liga Republika to start harnessing our competitive prowess as a region. This sets the horizon for a strong local competitive gaming scene that opens new doors for the future. Our priority now is to have our strong and passionate players showcase what Filipino League of Legends teams have to offer,” added Joel.

Interested players can register now and follow League of Legends’ official Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates and announcements on Liga Republika 2024. Visit this link for the detailed tournament ruleset.

Teams can register in all weeks of the open qualifiers through the following links:

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