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Advertising veterans and promising talents gather in this year’s Effie Learning Festival

SINGAPORE — The Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore held the launch of the inaugural Effie Learning Festival, a landmark event that focuses on teaching how to embed business effectiveness into everyday brand-building work, from the very best in the business. Last September 07, this festival became a confluence of high-profile brand marketers, advertising professionals, and business students.

What is the Effie Learning Festival?

The Effie Learning Festival is one of Singapore’s first, if not only, events dedicated to effectiveness learning through sharp creative work. Relying on case studies from professionals who have been celebrated as the Effie’s best, this festival brings together the future’s brightest talents, seasoned professionals, and iconic brands under one roof.

A Dynamic Platform for Learning & Collaboration

The festival is a valuable learning opportunity for students eager to explore the nuances of effective marketing. It offers students a unique chance to interact with industry leaders, gain insights from award-winning campaigns, and network with peers.


Esteemed professionals in the marketing and advertising world shared their expertise, presenting case studies, and offering valuable insights.

Renowned brands showcased their innovative campaigns and shared their journey to marketing excellence. These presentations serve as a source of inspiration for the industry while providing a platform for brands to engage with future talents.

Highlights of the Effie Learning Festival:

Presenters delved into real-world case studies, sharing the challenges they faced, their strategic approaches, and the remarkable results achieved.

The festival fosters meaningful connections among students, marketers, and brands. It’s a melting pot of creativity, collaboration, and future possibilities.

“It is a unique chance for young professionals and students to learn from industry experts and witness the strategies that drive business success. Ultimately, we would like to strengthen the capabilities of the marketing community around the pursuit of effectiveness,” said Rowena Bhagchandani and Dhiren Amin, Co-Chairs of the Effie Awards Singapore, CEO of BLKJ Havas and Chief Customer Officer of Income.

The Effie Learning Festival was a memorable day of learning, inspiration, and networking. For students seeking to ignite their marketing careers, seasoned marketers, and brands looking to connect with the next generation of talent alike, this event was the opportunity to be part of something truly extraordinary.

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