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Awards: Celebrating the winners of the Red Dot Award on Instagram, the year’s best products 2020

ESSEN, GERMANY – The laureates of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 have been honoured in an appreciative and exceptional manner. Their outstanding design achievement was celebrated on the competition’s Instagram channel as part of Red Dot Design Week from 22 to 26 June 2020. Followers were offered an exciting programme featuring live discussions, expert video conference panels as well as exclusive insights into the adjudication process and the special exhibitions in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen. There was two-way communication, with the winners also expressing their delight at winning an award over the course of the week.


A week-long focus on good design

Only the very best entries receive an award from the Red Dot Jury. These products score highly across all levels of design, boasting an outstanding aesthetic as well as top-class quality of use. The impressive accomplishment of the designers and companies responsible for the objects was recognised during Red Dot Design Week – not just for a day, as is normally the case, but for a whole week. Each day was dedicated to a different topic. The successes of the 76 Red Dot: Best of the Best winners were celebrated on Monday, while Tuesday saw the spotlight shift to Fiskars, Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2020. All of Wednesday was devoted to Jean-Claude Biver, winner of the Red Dot: Personality Prize. The three new winners exhibitions in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen were presented in an unconventional way on Thursday. On Friday, the focus was on the qualitative characteristics of the award winners in the new metacategories “Smart Products” and “Innovative Products”. All those interested can watch the week’s entire programme in the highlights on Red Dot’s Instagram profile (@reddotaward_productdesign).

A different type of award ceremony

Red Dot was not the only one to provide exciting content. There were also plenty of posts and communication on the winners’ accounts. They received their trophies and certificates by post in advance. Videos, photos and comments featuring confetti, cheers, victory songs and words showed the laureates’ joy at winning an award in the competition. Winners took part from all over the world. Although everyone was getting involved in Red Dot Design Week from home, there was lots of chat and communication that created a shared space for celebration.

Presentation of the award-winning products

The online exhibition and the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2020/2021, which will be published on 20 July, present this year’s winning products in high quality. The publications include detailed descriptions, jury explanations and helpful images that reflect the objects’ exceptional quality. For all those who would prefer to see the products in situ, it is worth visiting the Red Dot Design Museum Essen. The winners exhibitions “Milestones in Contemporary Design 2020/2021” and “Design on Stage 2020/2021” as well as “Onnellisuus – designed by Fiskars”, a special exhibition created by the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2020, show the state of the art in product design and provide exciting insights into current developments and trends.

>> To the online exhibition
>> To Red Dot’s Instagram channel


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