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Awards: The adobo LIA Not-So-Young Creative Competition 2022 commences

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — adobo Magazine, together with the London International Awards (LIA), and the Business of Creativity program, officially launched the adobo LIA Not-So-Young Creative Competition via Facebook Live on May 23, 2022. 

With a 10-year partnership, adobo magazine is one of the only two publications in Asia-Pacific to be given the opportunity to connect creatives to the London International Awards (LIA) creative programs — allowing them to meet with global creative giants.

This year’s creative competition sets the spotlight on “not-so-young” creatives, with a challenging yet impactful theme: Business Doing Good & Doing Well. Participants can submit their entries via the competition’s microsite.


The Brief: Business Doing Good & Doing Well

Businesses can behave like responsible citizens. We can use our creativity for good. There have been many examples where this has created a positive impact on people and the planet, and to brands and businesses. There are also too many examples when “brands doing good” feels gimmicky and shortsighted.

What is an advocacy you care about? Can you think of an idea, a creative solution to make a positive impact in that space? If you could propose this idea to be a brand campaign to any brand that operates in the Philippines, looking at it through the lens of intrinsic brand fit and positive impact on their business, what would that brand be?

So to our not-so-young creatives, we hope to hear amazing creativity for good branded ideas. May we inspire our teams and clients that we can do good and do well in the business of creativity.

Meet the Jury:

The 2022 jury is presided over by Kat Gomez-Limchoc, the Executive Creative Director of Blackpencil Manila of the Leo Burnett Group. A mix of advertising professionals and brand representatives, this year’s jury includes:

  • Brandie Tan, Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson
  • Roman Olivares, Executive Creative Director, MullenLowe Treyna
  • Greg Martin III, Executive Creative Director, Ace Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Biboy Royong, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Jayme Syfu
  • Raymund Sison, Creative Chief & Partner, Propel Manila
  • Joey Tiempo, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Octopus & Whale
  • Dorothy Dee-Ching, Vice President, Beauty and Personal Care, Unilever 
  • Monday Gonzalez, Director for Content Management & Creative Services, Globe Corporate Communications, Globe Telecom

The Prize

The winner will get a scholarship to the LIA Business of Creativity Scholarship Program. This not-so-young creative can also have the opportunity to virtually observe LIA statue discussions during LIA judging as they happen in real-time. 

The scholarship, worth P100,000, brings:

  • 8-week on-demand lessons with Sir John Hegarty
  • Weekly guest speakers from global business leaders and icons from the world of entertainment
  • Biweekly Q&A sessions with Sir John Hegarty
  • Access to additional reading, case studies, and podcasts to support your learning

Some of the modules include:

  • How to use creativity
  • How to inspire creativity
  • Learning from the Champions of Creativity
  • How to sell creativity

Learn from an advertising legend: Sir John Hegarty

We find ourselves in a turbulent macro environment in which we are faced with constant change and an increasing number of ‘Black Swan’ events. In this context, there is an ever-prevalent need for ongoing innovation and adaptability—creativity is business-critical. At a more granular level, there has been a downward trend in creativity within marketing more specifically – marketers are creating a less engaging product and creativity is delivering its lowest levels of effectiveness in over two decades. Marketing has to transition away from a science that is measured by efficiencies, to a core capability that inspires demand. In short, it has to move from stalking to seducing. 

Many believe that creativity is innate and exclusive to a lucky few—we, however, believe it is a muscle that can be trained. 

Sir John Hegarty, the creative founder at Saatchi & Saatchi & BBH, is launching an 8-week online course titled The Business of Creativity. Over the eight weeks, he will aim to unlock the enormous impact creativity can have on a team – covering areas such as mastering the brief, how to nurture and assess an idea, encouraging a creative culture, the art of storytelling, and how to overcome the fear of a blank page. 

The format of the course will comprise of 4 main components: weekly lectures hosted by John, a bi-weekly Q&A with John, curated supporting material and eight inspirational weekly guest speakers. The guest speakers will range from business leaders to icons in the world of entertainment – all of which have used creativity as a core driver to their success. The course has been designed to be relevant for all levels of seniority. 

The first cohort of the course launches on 19th September 2022. Visit their website here.

Entry Guidelines

Eligibility (who can enter):

  • The competition is open to mid-level and senior-level creatives, from Senior Copywriter/Senior Art Director up to Creative Director.
  • Must be part of a 4A’s Philippines member agency.
  • This will be a solo competition. 
  • The output will be an idea presented on a concept board.

Submission Guidelines:

The output must be a Concept Board with 3 main components:

  1. Big Idea Name and One Liner
    Capture your idea as impactfully and concisely as you can.
  2. Problem
    Make clear the particular problem you are aiming to help.
  3. Branded Creative Solution
    Tell us about your creative solution. Explain how it can potentially make an impactful difference. Make sure to show how your chosen brand is a credible part of that solution. Do add relevant visuals to help make your presentation clearer.

The deadline for entries is on Monday, May 30, 2022. Participants can submit their outputs through adobomagazine.com/adoboLIA. For inquiries, email adoboLIA@adobomagazine.com.

An Awards Night will be held on Friday, June 10, 2022, 5:00 pm at The Astbury in Poblacion, Makati. With this, we invite and highly encourage our not-so-young creatives and creative and advertising professionals to attend our on-ground event. 

Missed the competition’s launch and briefing? Watch it here:

The adobo LIA Not-So-Young Creative Competition 2022 is organized by adobo Magazine, the Word on Creativity, in partnership with the London International Awards (LIA) and The Business of Creativity program.

This program is also in partnership with The Astbury in Poblacion, Makati; and sponsored by UXS Inc. and SounDesign Manila.

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