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Chub Nokkaew and Vulcan X partner for AI-enhanced jury photoshoot at Adfest 2024

PATTAYA, THAILAND — Every year at ADFEST, the juries are treated to a personal photoshoot with Bangkok’s legendary Chub Nokkaew, Owner and Founder of Chubcheevit Studio. However this year things have been spiced up slightly with the collaboration of Vulcan X’s Chief Generative A.I Art Officer, Sutouch Charoenpol.

Chub and his team of photographers produce the headshots, which are then later edited using AI, incorporating style elements from the country of each juror.

The video captions were created by online subtitle service For $4, the video was automatically transcribed and then translated into English in around three minutes. It certainly wasn’t perfect, but how many humans could transcribe and translate Thai into English in 180 seconds? Note that the captions for Chub Nokkaew were edited slightly, whereas Sutouch Charoenpol’s are pure A.I.


adobo Magazine is an official media partner of ADFEST 2024.

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