D&AD Future Impact: The Projects that Can Potentially Change the World through the Future Impact Programme — Recycled Pineapple Leaves, Mobile ATMs, and More

NEW YORK, NY — The D&AD Impact Award winners have recently been released, naming the campaigns that have risen to the challenge to create social change. Alongside this was the announcement of the Wood Pencil winners for the Future Impact Awards which will receive consultancy, mentoring, masterclasses and development grants, to produce the winning projects that can potentially change the world. Winners flew in to New Yorkto receive their awards.

Here’s a look at all the winning projects this year:

Campaign / Health & Wellness:
  1. Oriel Davis-Lyons and Gustavo Dorietto,“Don’tLook Away” (United States)

Initiative / Environment & Sustainability
2. theOtherDada, “Beirut’s RiverLESS Forest”


3. S-Park, “S-Park” (Netherlands)

Initiative / Equality & Diversity
4. Virtue Northern Europe for Copenhagen Pride, “Meet Q, the Genderless Voice” (Denmark)

5. More Moms, “More Moms” (United States)

Product / Educational & Financial Empowerment
6. Ogilvy Bolivia for Blink,“Blink” 

Product / Environment & Sustainability
7. Design Center of the Philippines for CDO Handmade Paper Crafts, “Pinyapel” (Philippines)

8. Nuri Park & Ethan Sims, “SoluNet” (UnitedStates)

Product / Equality & Diversity
9. Area 23, An FCB Health Network Company for Wavia,“SeeSound”(UnitedStates)

Product / Health & Wellness
10. The Gate London, “A Colorful Life” (United Kingdom)

11. Neha and Rae, “Decoding Medicine” (United Kingdom)

All of these Wood Pencil winners will have access to the shared prize fund of $150,000 as part of The Future Impact Programme and are expected to deliver visible impact to their respective categories, and society as a whole, within 12 months. 

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