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Design: Linya-Linya and Fully Booked celebrate Buwan ng Wika through Filipino artists and writers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — To celebrate this year’s Buwan ng Wika, Philippine shirt brand Linya-Linya is partnering up with bookstore Fully Booked to bring Filipinos the best of local writers and artists. Collaborating with renowned figures like National Artist Ricky Lee, award-winning fictionist Lualhati Bautista, poet and novelist Edgar Samar, legendary creator of Pugad Baboy Pol Medina Jr., the mind behind Kikomachine Komix Manix Abrera, esteemed graphic novelist Rob Cham, and the man who brought Tarantadong Kalbo into life Kevin Raymundo.

Linya-Linya celebrates these artists because they did not just elevate the standards of their craft, they also made an impact on the lives of Filipinos. From influencing them to think critically, to empowering them to stand for what they believe in are just some of the values you learn through their creative work.

Linya-Linya supports these treasured artists by helping their work reach and resonate to as many Filipinos as possible.


Napakalaking impluwensya ng artists and writers sa collaborations na ‘to– sa amin sa Linya-Linya at sa maraming Pilipino– hindi lang sa mga likha nila, pero maging sa kamalayan sa kultura at lipunan. Sa collaborations na ‘to, makatulong sana kami sa higit na pagkilala at pagpapakilala sa kanila,” said Linya-Linya Creative Director Ali Sangalang.

Linya-Linya has collaborated with every artist to create a shirt featuring their most iconic works and designs. More than supporting the artists, these collaboration shirts serve as a reminder to every Filipino what are the valuable things to hold onto in life.

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