Events: Celebrate the power of voice with #ASMROnSpaces this April 16

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Twitter is where Filipinos spark conversations on just about any topic and it is where their voices are amplified as they get to interact with active communities in real-time. Twitter is also the hotspot for discussions on the latest trends such as ASMR and voice acting challenges, both rising to fame during the #StayHome period as people find ways to entertain and improve themselves with new interests or skills at home.

To celebrate this year’s ASMR Day, Twitter Philippines is launching its #ASMROnSpaces campaign, bringing together influential Filipinos voices in a session on Twitter Spaces on April 16, Friday at 3PM. Hosting the session is none other than voice talent Inka Magnaye (@inkamagnaye) along with radio DJs Renzo Magnaye (@renzosaurus), and Mandy Nokom (@mandynokom).

The trio will discuss the growing trend that is ASMR, the joys of voice acting, insights on voice-led professions as well as finding and using your voice to influence many. Everyone is encouraged to submit their questions ahead of the session using the hashtag #ASMROnSpaces.

ASMR listeners, aspiring voice actors, and other enthusiasts can join the Twitter Spaces session LIVE with 3 easy steps.

  1. Follow the Space Host Inka Magnaye (@inkamagnaye) and hit the notification bell to receive notifications, especially when the session goes live.
  2. Once a Space has started, anyone following the Host or a Listener will see Space lit up in purple in their Fleets. Tap on it to join the Space.
  3. Make sure you are on mobile to join the Space.

Twitter Spaces is a new way to have live audio conversations on Twitter, now available on iOS and Android. Small groups of people using iOS will be able to host a session, while those on Android can join, listen, and speak in a Space on Twitter.

Don’t miss this #OnlyOnTwitter event! Join us as we’ll lift and empower the use of voice on #ASMROnSpaces.

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