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Events: HSBC’s ‘Wisdom of Wealth’ will discuss wealth generation opportunities in Asia

HONG KONG — HSBC launched “Wisdom of Wealth,” an in-depth high-level executive exchange series featuring a line-up of prominent business leaders and elites as they sought to discuss Asia’s booming wealth opportunities sharing the secrets to their success and wisdom for wealth generation.

The first “Wisdom of Wealth” talk featured Danny Yeung, CEO and Co-founder of genetic testing company Prenetics, and he shared in a candid conversation with Maggie Ng, Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC, his views on the relationship between the human genome and wealth generation.


Maggie said, “According to HSBC Wealth Insights 2021 Study, nearly one in four Hong Kong adults is a millionaire with HKD 1 million worth of assets. In order to understand the wealth opportunities and investment potential in Hong Kong and Asia, we launched the ‘Wisdom of Wealth Talk’ series to bring together notable leaders across sectors so that they can present their wisdom to our clients through in-depth conversations. I am very honored to have Danny as our first guest to share his entrepreneurial journey from starting up his first company to becoming a pioneer in genetic testing. I hope it will inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and tap into new wealth opportunities with tenacity and grit.”

Maggie Ng

“Genetics loads the gun and your lifestyle pulls the trigger. I believe that wealth is a combination of your DNA and the environment that we are born into. For example, I grew up in an average family, and at the age of 12, I started working and by the time I reached 25, I started my first business which enabled me to develop a sense of entrepreneurship and grit. Whether starting a business or running it, knowing the market and the products are essential to success,” said Danny said.

Danny Yeung

“During the initial wave of the pandemic in 2020, with the staunch support of our team, we went to Wong Tai Sin, the most dangerous area in Hong Kong at the time. We went door-to-door to every restaurant and distributed 300,000 PCR test kits to 16,000 restaurants. It was truly something that we are immensely proud of to support Hong Kong. Looking back on my experience as an entrepreneur, I’m very grateful for the close cooperation with HSBC as they have supported our exponential growth.”

Maggie also agreed that one’s upbringing, environment, and lifestyle are important in wealth generation. “Having worked in banking for many years, the role and services of banks is no longer the one-way model that it used to be. There’s now a lot more communication and interaction with customers, which has inspired us to innovate in our services and product development and be a lot more customer-centric.”

When discussing the link between wealth and personality traits, she added, “Having a healthy financial discipline, a rational attitude to investment and starting financial planning early is inextricably linked to success. Over the years, HSBC has not only helped clients bestow their family wealth, it has also helped entrepreneurs build their success and wealth on their own. That’s why I believe ‘being rich isn’t necessarily in your genes’ and more importantly, wealth can be created by oneself. HSBC has been working with entrepreneurs locally and globally to unlock new wealth opportunities together.”

The Wisdom of Wealth will be followed by a panel of esteemed leaders from the metaverse and the art scene who all shared their wisdom and values on wealth in today’s day and age. The first episode is available on HSBC’s official YouTube channel.

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