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Events: Converge through adobo Talks uncovers the secrets of SME owners towards success

​​MANILA, PHILIPPINES – ​​As the country slowly opens up, the time for businesses to recover and thrive has begun. In spite of the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, small-medium enterprises (SMEs) have proven to be the most agile and innovative, as they quickly adjust into new and hybrid ways of working.

This resilience and innovation of SMEs are some of the qualities that Converge wants to highlight as they ramp up digital transformation among the community with their first campaign, “We Are All SMEs.” In a special session with adobo Magazine, “Rise Above: How SMEs Can Succeed in the New Economy,” both dive into the success that drives the SME mentality from thought leader and CEO, Dennis Uy.

Talking about their experiences of transitioning in the new normal are entrepreneurs Toons Canoy, owner of Cest Ca Gifts PH; Nicholai Go, founder of food and beverage supplier Gruppo Dolci; and Bobbie Frondoza, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mini Suites by Eton.


​​Drawing from his experience and mindset towards running his businesses, Dennis Uy, CEO and Founder of Converge shares, “Entrepreneurs have to put their concepts into action. Having technology concepts are well and good but the execution — how we’ll go head to head with competitors, how will they take the business to the market — that’s the key to the survival of the business and the entrepreneur should have this in mind from the start.”

Join us as we discuss strategies behind the local business we love, how entrepreneurs can take action, and how digital technology can keep SME brands up to speed.

​​Sign up now for our learning event, for “Rise Above: How SMEs Can Succeed in the New Economy”, ​powered by Converge – SME services, your ICT partner towards business recovery.  https://forms.gle/EV2UpkZDo9VZn58H6


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