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Events: The Advertising Foundation of the Philippines Reveals This Year’s ARAW Values Awardees — Leo Burnett Manila Tops the List

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Advertising Foundation of the Philippines has announced the winners for the 2020 edition of the prestigious ARAW Values Awards, one of the most sought-after recognitions in the Philippine advertising industry. 

Held on January 30, 2020 at ABS-CBN, the biennial industry awards show celebrated the businesses that embody the ARAW 7 Cornerstone Values: Love of God and respect for religious beliefs, Commitment to truth, honesty and justice, Love of country and respect for national customs and traditions, Reverence for family unit, or marriage, or responsible parenthood, Respect and care for human life and dignity and the rights of all, Respect for law and authority and promotion of self-discipline, Concern for and preservation of the Environment.

11th ARAW Values Advertising Awards


The 11th ARAW Values Advertising Awards, which recognizes the most impactful local campaigns that manifest one or more of the values stated above, revealed 4 Platinum, 22 Gold, 41 Silver, and 59 Bronze Awardees in this edition, which are also separated between Advocacy Communications and Branded Communications: 


Two businesses received the Platinum award for the Love of Country and Respect for National Customs and Traditions” cornerstone, while one was awarded for Reverence for Family Unit or Marriage or Responsible Parenthood and Respect and Care for Life and Dignity and the Rights of All.

  • ABS-CBN Corporation for ABS-CBN with “Garcia Brothers” by Integrated Creative Communications Management — Advocacy Communications
  • Leo Burnett Group Manila for Vivo Mobile Technologies, Inc. with “Silent Christmas” by Leo Burnett Group Manila — Branded Communications
  • Reckitt Benckiser for LACTUM with “Wala si Mama” by Wizard Manila — Advocacy Communications
  • UxS Inc. for P&G with “Safeguard: Pabaon sa Buhay (Protection for Life)” by Publicis Singapore 


A total of 22 campaigns were awarded with the Gold recognition, with 12 Advocacy Communications and 10 Branded Communication entries making the cut. 

Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation brought home the only two Gold awards under the cornerstone of Commitment to Truth, Honesty and Integrity, while 7 Gold Awardees were entries that upheld the Concern for Preservation of the Environment cornerstone with 4 coming from the agency Leo Burnett Group Manila. 

All in all, Leo Burnett Manila went home with the most Gold awards — a grand total of five trophies. 


41 accolades were given out in the Silver rank, with 16 entries under Advocacy Communications and 25 Branded Communications. 

The cornerstone values that came out with the most number of awardees were Respect and Care for Life and Dignity and the Rights of All with 12 winners, Reverence for Family Unit or Marriage or Responsible Parenthood with 10, and Love of Country and Respect for National Customs and Traditions with 8. 

The big Silver winner is IdeasXMachina Advertising Inc. – A Member of Hakuhodo, bagging 8 recognitions with campaigns for several of its clients. 


Finally, 59 ARAW Values Bronze winners were revealed with 16 Advocacy Communications campaigns and 43 Branded Communication entries. 

Interestingly, a lot of Bronze awardees were announced in the cornerstone value of Reverence for Family Unit or Marriage or Responsible Parenthood with 26 entries, despite it being one of the lowest winning cornerstones in previous ranks. The second highest winning cornerstone is Respect and Care for Life and Dignity and the Rights of All with 23 awardees. 

Leo Burnett Group Manila also brought home the most number of Bronze awards, going home with 13 sparkly new trophies for its campaigns. 

Overall, Leo Burnett Manila bagged the most ARAW Value Advertising Awards from the night with a staggering number of 23 trophies across a variety of categories, themes, and values. 

The ARAW Values Technical Awards

Another part of the program that goes hand in hand with the advertising awards is The ARAW Values Technical Awards, which focuses more on the techniques applied in the execution of the campaigns awarded at the ARAW Values Advertising Awards, through these 7 technical fields: Animation and Visual Effects; Cinematography; Photography; Production Design; Editing; Sound Design; Editing & Mixing; and Visual & Audio Restoration. 

Moreover, there are three ranks in the Technical Awards: Award of Excellence, Most Outstanding Awardees, and Outstanding Awardees. 

UNITEL/STRAIGHTSHOOTERS (UxS, Inc.) received the highest Technical recognition of Technical Award of Excellence with its “SAFEGUARD: Pabaon sa Buhay” campaign for P&G Safeguard, under the Cinematography field. 

5 accolades were handed out to the Most Outstanding Awardees, with 3 given to Leo Burnett Group Manila, and the other two awarded to Loudbox Studios, Inc. (1) and Unitel/Straightshooters (1). 

Lastly, a total of 19 entries were recognized as Outstanding Awardees, with Leo Burnett Manila bringing home the most number of awards once again (8), closely followed by Loudbox Studios, Inc. (5), and Unitel/Straightshooters (4). 

View and download the full list of 11th ARAW Values Awardees here. 

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