Events: The Nenilai Fair — The manifestation of diversity on cinema screen, discussion room, and creative industry in Indonesia

JAKARTA, INDONESIA — With the spirit of Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge), Nenilai, together with the Faculty of Film and Television of Jakarta Arts and Culture Institute and Pantarei, is presenting Pekan Raya Nenilai (The Nenilai Fair) that will be held from 28th of October to 30th October virtually and will be open for everyone to attend. This event invites everyone to observe the interconnection between the values in Indonesian society with films as the product of the society’s popular culture through a short film festival “Bioskop Kebangsaan” (National Cinema) featuring the works of young Indonesian filmmakers and National Dialogue as the two major events.

The National Dialogue titled “Binekarya: Berkarya dalam Keberagaman” (produce works in diversity) will be featuring the nation’s most inspirational figures including Mira Lesmana (Producer), Judith Dipodiputro (Director of PFN), Meike Malaon (Director of DayaLima Abisatya), Putrama Tuta (Director), Soleh Solihun (Comedian and Actor), and Keenan Pearce (The Founder of Stoik Trisula & Kembali Berwisata) who will have an in-depth national dialogue about the exploration and inspiration of diversity in popular films. “This is such an interesting collaboration between the university that studies arts and culture with the organization that observes the values of Indonesian society. Because arts and culture, too, are deeply affected by values in a society, among other things. It’s going to be an interesting discussion,” said Ivan Bandhito from FFTV IKJ.


Through Bioskop Kebangsaan titled “Nilai Kehidupan Berbangsa” (value of national life), Pekan Raya Nenilai invites film enthusiasts all across Indonesia to enjoy a week of short film screening featuring the works of young Indonesian filmmakers curated by Marselli Sumarno, Titien Wattimena, and Dr Rozan Anwar from Nenilai. Bioskop Kebangsaan will also include panel discussions and a workshop by experienced figures in filmmaking. “We hope that through Pekan Raya Nenilai we can get a better understanding of diversity as something beyond the word that we often hear to describe Indonesia. To understand that diversity is a value ingrained in our society to the point where it shows in the small things that might miss our observations such as our behavior, our habit, the way we socialize, including in the films by local filmmakers that we watch,” said Meike Malaon, Director of Dayalima Abisatya.

Keenan Pearce, Founder and Managing Director of Stoik Trisula also express his vision as one of the people behind this event. “We realized the importance of inclusive discussion forums to understand all of us as a nation with rich and complex values. That’s why we present to you Pekan Raya Nenilai to be the home of National Dialogue as well as the “stage” to see the true form of diversity in our society through the lens of young filmmakers that grew up among our society rich in diversity.

Suryani Asikin, the Chief Executive Officer of Pantarei also expresses her opinion on the correlation between the creative industry and the values in a society. “Pekan Raya Nenilai will be an interesting experience to observe how our values could affect its creative industry. By understanding the interconnection of both, we might get deeper insights into our creative process and the influence of values behind the small things we encounter every day.

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