Events: Today’s Women of Philippine Cinema—Tey Clamor, Rae Red, Pamela Reyes, Iana Bernardez—to Mentor on Rebelde Class Batch 15

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– Rebelde Class is a session-based filmmaking workshop program of Rebelde that aims to offer a more immersive and accessible film education to everyone. For its Batch 15, Rebelde goes online for its classes.

Classes and Mentors


The last batch of Rebelde Class saw four women who made waves in the film industry through their prolific and award-winning films in the past years.

Visual Storytelling will be the first class to be mentored by Tey Clamor, who is the winner of Gawad Urian 2020 Best Cinematography for the film “Babae at Baril”. She also received the Cinema One Originals 2019 Best Cinematography for the film “Metamorphosis”.

Film Directing Class will be mentored by Rae Red, a writer-director, known for her solo directorial feature film “Babae at Baril”, which was awarded as the Gawad Urian 2020 Best Film. She is also the QCinema 2019 Best Director for the said film.

Pamela L. Reyes, an award-winning Film Producer, Director, Writer, and Script Consultant, will lead the class for Filmmaking as a Career. Pamela produced, among other films, the critically acclaimed film “Birdshot”, the Philippines’ official entry to the 2018 Academy Awards.

For the class called The Process of Fimmaking, it will be mentored by Iana Bernardez, Producer of Gawad Urian 2020 Best Film “Babae at Baril.” She is also the Producer of “Oda sa Wala”, “Tia Madre”, and “Ma”. Iana is also the Best Supporting Actress award on the Cinema One Originals 2019 for her performance in “Metamorphosis.”

Rebelde Community

Rebelde is a diverse community of aspiring filmmakers from different parts of the country, which is founded by J.E. Tiglao, a young, independent filmmaker based in the Philippines. Together with his comrades, they made films that have showcased in Cinemalaya, Gawad Urian, and other film festivals abroad. Last year, they made their first feature film, Metamorphosis, the first Filipino intersex film and bagged most of the awards at the Cinema One Originals.

Rebelde also created breakthrough events like the Rebelde Film Camp, a unique jamboree of filmmakers in a secluded area to learn filmmaking and to celebrate the magic of cinema. It has gathered more than five hundred filmmakers and film-lovers alike to learn from mentors such as the legendary Ricky Lee, and National Artist for films Kidlat Tahimik, to name a few. Aside from film camps, classes are held by Rebelde as it aims to offer a more immersive and accessible film education to everyone.

How to join

Aspiring filmmakers looking for affordable filmmaking class with topnotch mentors would not want to miss an online talk with this set of award-winning filmmakers. Interested participants may register via this link.

The Rebelde community offers these exclusive workshops and a chance to meet established filmmakers as your mentors. For inquiries, message at or visit their Facebook page.

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