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Jeune Pinceau International Young Artist Competition champions young Singaporean talents with the support of Grey Group

SINGAPORE — Adeline Lee, CEO of GREY-DPI, and her partners are co-organizing the Jeune Pinceau International Young Artist Competition 2023 in Singapore. With the passion to empower the next generation of artists and designers in Singapore, organizers aim to nurture young talent and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the world of design.  

The competition serves as an international platform for young artists to showcase their skills and creativity on a global stage. The competition embraces the full spectrum of art by showcasing rich artistic expression across different eras, from traditional and digital mediums to the exciting realm of AI Digital Art. It also aims to discover future artistic talent and ignite creative chemistry by fostering the intersection of different cultures. 

This year, the competition brings together eight participating regions: France, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Luxembourg, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. The finalists representing each region will be selected after the final judging in France. Registration is open until October 2023. 


This is an opportunity for every youth to be part of a rich cultural exchange and network with diverse creative professionals on an international platform. 

Grey Group is one of the organizations helping to run this competition as they support building a strong base of creative talent in the Arts Industry and feel this initiative will allow young artists to be recognized and get the support they need early on in their lives. 

The competition is hosted by the Académie Franco-Chinoise d’Art et de Culture Franco-Chinese Academy of Art and Culture (AFCAC) and Chinese Western Culture Arts Association (CWCAA), in conjunction with the Amitiés franco- chinoise des Hauts de France (Franco-Chinese friendships of Hauts de France, AFC-Lille). 

To get more details about the competition, please see the website or contact the co-founders at, and

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