PinagHusayan 2024 lays the first steps for Filipino creative professionals to thrive

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — PinagHusayan 2024 ushered in a day of valuable learning for Filipino creative professionals. Held on April 06 at the Ensayo Creative Hub, DTI Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City, the conference hosted by creative agency brought together students, established creatives, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

A bright lecture hall welcomed the conference’s in-person attendees, a mix of students, creative professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs, mirroring the PinagHusayan 2024 speaker lineup’s promise to foster an environment of learning, nurturing, and exchanging creativity.

Independent curator and critic Marian Pastor Roces kicked off the series of talks with an eye-opening lecture on how creatives can boost their “BS” detection powers. She highlighted the importance of being able to identify misleading or deceptive information, whether spread intentionally or simply due to a lack of information preservation.


Marian’s talk contained a multitude of valuable takeaways, some of which were her reminders to develop a connoisseurship of quality to live by, make skepticism a handy tool, and to study racism, classism, and feminism.

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Live visual notes from Marian Pastor Roces’ talk in PinagHusayan 2024. Image courtesy of Pushpin Visual Solutions

Creative entrepreneur, strategist, and content creator Kia Abrera turned the focus inward with her talk on exploring your purpose as a creative.  She began with a series of icebreaker questions that doubled as a handy guide for attendees to build their personal brand. Additionally, she shared insights on how creatives can craft engaging content to connect effectively with their target audience.

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Live visual notes from Kia Abrera’s talk in PinagHusayan 2024. Image courtesy of Pushpin Visual Solutions

The conference also emphasized the importance of equipping creatives with essential entrepreneurship skills. Atty. Gio Gomez and Maricris Labawan, CPA, provided a thorough breakdown of legal and accounting fundamentals, covering topics such as drafting contracts, negotiating creative rights and project terms, and managing taxes and cash flow. founder Leah Rasay wrapped up the conference with a thoughtful and introspective talk on building a career journey around core values. She highlighted the importance of empathy, a growth mindset, joy, and, most importantly, courage. “It takes courage to be creative,” Leah emphasized.

Leah concluded her talk by sharing that having a clear purpose and a strong set of values will propel one’s creative journey forward.

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Live visual notes from Leah Rasay’s talk in PinagHusayan 2024. Image courtesy of Pushpin Visual Solutions

Though only lasting one afternoon, PinagHusayan 2024 delivered a wealth of useful insights to its community of creatives, both established and aspiring. Everyone is certainly looking forward to a bigger and even better iteration of the conference in the future.

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