Purveyr celebrates creativity with 2-day fair this November 18 to 19

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Established in 2016 as “Pursuit Fair,” PURVEYR Fair 2022 will celebrate 10 years of contemporary Filipino culture this November 18 to 19 at Samsung Hall, SM Aura.
According to Marvin Conanan, Brand Director of PURVEYR, visitors can look forward to the diversity and creativity that the 44 main merchants will bring through their spaces. It is the first time that the event will set up partitions for the merchants to be able to carve and create a unique space that evokes what their concept and brand truly means. 
With global sponsors like Meta, Titan, Signet, and Vans, this year’s PURVEYR Fair will certainly be taken to the next level. “This gives the creative community that the fair caters to better credibility,” Marvin said. “More than anything else, through this partnership, I think it gives what creatives pursue, do, and create more weight.”
These three specialty brands are bringing their worlds to the fair: Titan is presenting their barbershop + basketball retail store, Signet is bringing global craft and menswear, and Vans is setting up a skate ramp to share a glimpse of the world of skateboarding to PURVEYR Fair visitors. 
Apart from its well-loved creative marketplace, PURVEYR is set to host six talks and workshops about the diverse world of creative and cultural industries. The goal is for guests to learn how they can further their creative and cultural careers and pursuits.
Attendees can tune in to the following talks:
      • Authenticity and the Creative Practice: Staying True to your Roots (Powered by Titan)
      • The Power of Small Business in the Modern World (Powered by Meta)
      • Coexistence in the Creative Industries: Creating Equity and Safer Spaces
      • Cultivating the Third Space: Businesses and their Communities
      • Going Hyperlocal: Decolonized Frameworks and Circular Production
      • Heritage Clothing: Redefining Luxury through Value (Powered by Signet)
This year, PURVEYR Fair aims to bring an elevated energy of pushing boundaries via elevated brand spaces, better conference programming with the help of Sean Bautista (aka Duality of MCR and Transit Records) and the intersection of many disciplines, cultures, and organizations in one space.
“As we return to gathering communities in physical spaces, we have the unique opportunity to inject the values of inclusivity and diversity in the way we do program events. For this iteration of PURVEYR Fair, we’ve invited an eclectic mix of young DJs and selectors to share a wide-ranging list of styles and sensibilities. Join us for a genre-bending trip around different corners of the musical spectrum,” Sean shared.
“Ultimately, what we want to be able to do is to inspire independent creative brand owners by giving them a space where they can potentially envision the possibilities of their brands and creative endeavors through more successful and bigger companies,” Marvin said.

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