Solutions for businesses and marketing evolution uncovered at GCash Insider: Spending in the New Era of AI

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Business owners, marketers, strategists, and data scientists convene to discuss the future and more possibilities that can be unveiled by AI at “GCash Insider: Spending in the new era of AI” last June 19 at BGC Immersive, Taguig City.

The event brandished a futuristic feel with its guests engaging in various digital activities, together with an AI-powered host that reported real-time results from the surveys and polls its guests answered.

“Today, we’ll explore the intersection of AI and marketing,” said Winsley Bangit, Head of New Business at GCash, who shared welcoming remarks. “Driven by innovation, customer centricity, and AI-driven insights, we find more meaningful engagements for our customers.”

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Claude Gomez, Head of Marketing Strategy and Insights at GCash, delivered his keynote speech “Profiling on Hyperdrive: Mastering Consumer Segregation.” In his talk, he emphasized how AI has changed marketing in unprecedented ways as seen in the innovations manifested in audience targeting, visual development, and data analytics. Some examples he mentioned involve insights on bill payments, online purchases, and hyper-specific customer profiles.

With the accessibility and availability of rich and diverse data, Claude concluded that AI has pivoted marketing into a state of hyperdrive as it takes full advantage of digital channels.

Following Claude’s talk was a fireside chat moderated by Jaz Reyes; with Michelle Alarcon, analytics advocate and Board of Trustee at Analytics and AI Association of the Philippines (AAP); Niek Van Veen, VP for Growth at Thinking Machines; Dambo Ren, Regional Head, Cloud AI Customer Engineering SEA at Google; Germaine Reyes CEO and President of Synergy – YouGov; and Iñigo Benavides, Head of Data Science and AI at GCash joining the panel to discuss unleashing the potential of AI and its impact on businesses.

The panel discussion kicked off with definitive insights on what AI truly is, and further down, discussed AI trends among businesses. It wrapped up with insights on how AI can potentially shape and evolve businesses.

The final fireside chat on redefining marketing and the advantages of AI featured business and marketing giants: Albet Buddahim, VP and CMO at PRIMER Group of Companies; Wence Wenceslao, Digital Hub Lead of Beauty & Wellbeing SEA at Unilever; Albert Cuadrante, Chief Marketing Officer at UnionBank; Just Savet, Head of Product Management and Ad Solutions at GCash; and Oscar Pobre, Head of CRM and Data Solutions at GCash. 

Here, the panelists shared how AI has helped their businesses by sharing case studies where they were able to enhance their operations through AI-integrated platforms, developing innovative marketing strategies, and maximizing hyper-personalization capabilities.

Neil Trinidad, Chief Marketing Officer of GCash, wrapped up the program by sharing his key takeaways, namely: 

  • AI enhances customer journeys through greater personalization;
  • AI improves operational efficiency and campaign performance;
  • AI empowers businesses with data-driven decision-making and real-time insights

Finally, he invited businesses to take the next step and invest in the new era of AI.

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