Witness The Country’s First Fireside Chat in the Metaverse in This ARAL Session

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The metaverse: a hot topic, a game changer, a buzzword, and for most–an unknown, question-filled territory. As the world still experiences Web3’s wild, wild west, this exciting era of exploration is rife with possibilities. Join us in this groundbreaking 4As Philippines’ ARAL Session: Creativity in the Metaverse on October 12, 2022, at 2 p.m. for absolutely FREE by registering on this link:

The 4As ARAL program is a learning platform for its members to generate value through upskill & education.

In this “Creativity in the Metaverse” ARAL session, 4As brings together Unilever, Meta Philippines, Propel Manila, and Adobo Magazine, to unpack case studies, and some early fundamentals to this era of exploration.


“The metaverse is one of the reasons why it’s such an exciting time to be in the creative industry today and a testament to how our exploration of this new territory is consistent to our mission of creativity building business,” said Golda Roldan, 4As Philippines Chairperson.

“This new habitat we call the metaverse will spark another era of inspired minds and fresh ideas, as we in the industry develop the metaverse as a force for good for our clients and their publics,” added Norman Agatep, 4As Philippines President.

Moderated by Adobo Magazine Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Angel Guerrero, along with her esteemed virtual panel: Virtual Influencer Boom, Meta Head of Media, Agency Liam Capati, Unilever Media Director Dennis Perez, and Propel Manila CEO JC Valenzuela, we’ll take a deep dive in this era of exploration and all its exciting, intriguing, and industry-moving possibilities. Hear it straight from these early adopters and cutting-edge experts as they share their thoughts and opinions on the future of our work and all the inspirations it could lead to. Be part of an exciting pivot in our industry’s history, this is something you will definitely not want to miss.

“This ARAL session about the metaverse is such a critical topic for our members. In this crossroads of technology, we want to make sure our innovations are relevant and rooted in today’s culture. Thanks to our official magazine Adobo Magazine and Meta for partnering with us and being part of an important milestone in our industry’s history with this fireside chat in the metaverse,” said JC Valenzuela, 4As Philippines Corp Controller and Trustee-In-Charge of ARAL.

Catch the 4As ARAL Session: Creativity in the Metaverse on October 12, 2022, at 2 p.m. for absolutely FREE! Register here at or catch the livestream on the 4As Facebook Page!

Creativity in the Metaverse is brought to you by:
4As Philippines, Creative Partner Propel Manila, Meta Philippines, Official Online Magazine Adobo Magazine, Unilever Philippines, Propel Metaversity powered by Meta and Production Partner Elesi Studios

About 4As ARAL:
ARAL is 4As main platform for learning and is apt to launch this first fireside chat inside the Metaverse. Thanks to Meta and our online magazine partner, Adobo Magazine, we imagine many other learnings to uncover and expect many exciting discoveries in our future.

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