Fashion: H&M’s latest Edition by collection celebrates the power of personal expression

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – For its third iteration; the Edition by concept invites everyone to partake in defining the future of menswear. Featuring a street cast shot by photographer Matt Jones in the vibrant streets of New Orleans, the campaign is a celebration of progressive individuality and the power of personal expression.

“The starting point for each Edition collection is to challenge and innovate within our sustainability work. One of the keys this season was to include natural and plant based dyeing techniques. Classic menswear pieces, the great outdoors and utility references are combined to create a modern look that we are very proud of. ” says Ross Lydon, Head of Menswear Design at H&M


The collection combines elements of workwear, gorpcore and streetwear, focusing on utilitarian designs that bring value both through aesthetics and functionality. The color palette is defined by the use of innovative plant dyes. A pioneering technique where fabrics are treated with plant extracts, natural clay, bio-resins and natural enzymes to create beautiful organic colors without the use of harsh chemicals. Continuing in line with H&M’s ongoing mission towards a more circular future, the majority of the collection features mono-material compositions that easily can be recycled into new garments at the end of their life span.

A standout piece in the collection is the cagoule jacket; made of 100% recycled nylon, it comes in bright orange with large cargo pockets that blur the line between city and outdoor wear. Present in the shapes of a jacket, jeans and a boiler suit, the denim in this collection is reimagined for the future using a more sustainable mix of organic and recycled cotton. With their oversized fits, soft indigo-dyed shades and natural plated silver button hardware — these traditional workwear garments are updated with contemporary lightness. Overshirts and jerseys complete the look with their effortlessly loose fits, also entirely made of organic and recycled cotton in plant-dyed colors.


The collection consists of 23 garments and 3 accessories that will be available at and in H&M Greenbelt March 10, 2022.

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