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adobo FOI 2019: ‘How Art and Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Your Health’ to be Tackled by Serial Entrepreneur Carlo Almendral

How does art affect the mood? Studies have shown that art can trigger or evoke certain emotions or feelings. Colors, for example, have been proven to be able to influence one’s subconscious. The colors red, orange, and yellow are famously known to elicit hunger, for example. In this year’s adobo Festival of Ideas, Carlo Almendral will take these ideas into a whole new level, tackling how adaptive technology and artificial intelligence can change how we see, utilize, and consume art in public spaces, businesses, and our own personal lives.

Staying true to this year’s theme, The Connectivity Economy, Almendral will be showcasing how the Art, AI, and Wellness sectors can converge and create new possibilities — ones that can influence mood or consumer behavior, lessen stress, relax, or perhaps even help someone heal.

Almendral is known as a serial entrepreneur, having different businesses across different sectors. He is known as a pioneer in the social gaming scene, and is also a staunch philanthropist who serves at the Innovation Council for the UN’s World Food Programme and Board of Trustee at For The Women Foundation. He is currently the Managing Director for New York-based company, Adaptive AI.


The future is adaptive. With the exponential advances in Artificial Intelligence, experiences in the world will be personalized for each individual. This has a lot of implications for business and advertising, but perhaps where it could have the biggest impact is in one of the most stressful places we all have to visit eventually: hospitals. 

In this talk ‘How Art and Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Your Health, we explore the effects and discuss clinical studies performed about how art in hospitals can change a patient’s experience in a hospital. Most modern hospitals around the world have more art than hotels but the pieces are often overlooked or an afterthought of the architecture. We’ll make the case that moods can and should be influenced by art and AI will be instrumental in that pursuit.

Tickets are available at PHP 5,000 at regular price and PHP 2,000 for students. There’s also a group package of 10+1 tickets for PHP 50,000. For further inquiries, reach out to the adobo FOI team through our website at www.adobofestivalofideas.com or shoot an email to events@adobomagazine.com, or call up (+632) 884 50218. 

The adobo Festival of Ideas is sponsored by the following:
Co-Presenter: Jollibee
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Venue Partner: Resorts World Manila
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