adobo Picks: #SixFanarts – Our Top Picks for the Hashtag Challenge that Brought Creatives Together

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The internet has been a wonderful home for fan art or fan-made artwork related to certain shows, books, and any other aspect of the non-fiction genre. Online, we see many unique styles that redefine familiar characters and scenes – from traditional sketches, digital renderings, even ones that are translated conceptually or literally. Creating fan art is a great way of going out of art boundaries by adapting one’s own style from the original creation.

One trend we see these days are fan art created within the context of a challenge that has its own set of rules, such as the ones created by comic artist Melissa Capriglione.


Capriglione started the #SixFanarts trend where artists ask for six character recommendations from their friends to which they would draw in their style. To make the trend instantly recognizable, Capriglione released a six-grid template for everyone to use. Since it’s so different from many trends online, artists from all over the world joined, and took Twitter by storm.


From the hundreds of artists who joined, here are but a few samples of our favorites:

1. Dan Matutina

Filipino designer Dan Matutina’s geometric style is instantly recognizable. So is his version of Sailor Moon and The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia.

2. Rob Cham

Rob Cham, another Filipino artist, draws a unique lineup, with Spirited Away’s Yubaba and Kermit the frog in the mix.

3. Taki

Taki, a Filipino illustrator decided on an odd mix and did not leave his sense of humor behind as his version has John Cena. But you can’t really see him.


4. Rick Leonardi

Rick Leonardi is a comic book artist who turned this challenge into a lesson. In his version of #SixFanarts, he turned superheroes into citizens who follow the rules to avoid getting COVID-19.

5. Professor Elio

Cartoonist and Professor Elio’s style made the scary-looking Beetlejuice adorable.

6. Alef Vernon

Alef Vernon, an illustrator and traditional artist used Tim Burton’s style in her version of the challenge.

7. Elizabeth Yee

Elizabeth Yee drew television soap characters including Brooklyn 99’s Rosa Diaz, and Suits’ Rachel Zane for her six choices.

8. Tasia

Tasia’s enchanted style came through with her version of Disney Girls. How could we forget Shanti?

9. Isadora Zeferino

Lastly, Isadora Zeferino hit us with nostalgia as her lineup were characters from our favorite childhood shows. Even with fewer details, the characters are still recognizable.

Even though the notion of creating fan art isn’t new, this trend truly challenges how one perceives six characters, not just one. With other people giving character recommendations, it’s not a surprise if the lineup becomes slightly unusual.

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