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Arts & Culture: 6 colorful webcomics featuring queer characters by Filipino creators you need to know

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — With the massive success of Netflix’s latest hit, the series adaptation of acclaimed webcomic “Heartstopper,” a new wave of people are starting to look to webcomics for LGBTQIA+ representation. Webcomics have always been a rich source of queer stories because the online medium doesn’t have the many hurdles of publishing, censorship, and marketing that creators in the LGBTQIA+ community face.

So, if you’re thinking of taking a peek into the wonderful world of webcomics for queer representation, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, that world even includes some stories — from ongoing series that leave you wanting more to one-shots that capture beautiful stories in just a chapter — that feature queer Filipino characters by Filipino creators. Here are some that you can check out now:

Ang Jowa Kong Crosswise


Boyfriends Tomas and Leo are your everyday, average couple in love. There’s a minor twist, though: Tomas is a manananggal. The charm of this slice-of life comic lies in the nonchalance of this difference. Yes, Tomas may be supernatural, but the way that factors into their relationship is in the little things — from the way Tomas’s flying ability allows Leo to beat the morning commute to how Leo can’t eat too much garlic during date nights.

All I Am

Elijah Ramos is set to start college in Auckland and finally gets to experience the ups and downs of university life away from his religious Filipino family. But is he ready to explore the things about himself — especially the part that likes wearing dresses and using makeup — now that he has this freedom? This ongoing series follows Elijah as he seeks out the answer to that question while he meets new friends, takes new risks, and falls for the kind and charming jock he can’t help falling for.

Bukang Liwayway

Hanan, a Tagalog goddess, falls in love with Sila, a mortal girl, after observing her through her window. Following many attempts to get her attention, a relationship between the two blossoms. This one-shot is a short but sweet story about how magical love can feel, and how while it may not fix all problems or the hate from the world, it can provide a safe space for you to heal from it and learn to love yourself.

Les Normaux

Seb, a young Filipino wizard, moves to the supernatural realm of Paris to learn more magic from his aunt and uncle. What he doesn’t expect, though, is to meet Elia, a handsome vampire who makes it hard to not fall in love. While the series features an ensemble cast of characters of all species and sexualities, the central story is about Seb as he explores his relationship with Elia, find solace in his aunt and uncle’s acceptance that his parents’ can’t give him, and discover a whole new world of magic in Paris, in love, and in friendship.

The Kiss of the Demoness

This one-shot is about Viv Liamzon, an engineer who has to pay the bills like every other human. Her solution? From time to time, she makes a deal with a beautiful water demoness who ensures that she wins all her bets when she gambles. The payment? A kiss. And there would be nothing more to their mutual setup if only the water goddess wasn’t falling in love with her.

Nang Mainlove Ako sa Isang Sakristan

When Francis, son of the school’s strict and religious principal, and Didoy, a sacristan who serves every Sunday, are caught kissing behind the chapel after mass, they do what seems to be the only answer: run away. What follows is a short-lived yet still life-changing adventure about finding love, finally feeling seen and heard, having a community, and acceptance.

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