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Featured: Learn from creative industry experts with Kwentong Creatives podcast

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – As the landscape of the creative industry continues to evolve, one unexpected source of creative inspiration comes from audio. In an exclusive interview with adobo magazine, Gio Puyat shares the story behind his new podcast called “Kwentong Creatives”.

Gio is one of the co-founders of ManilaMan, a full-service advertising production house established in 2012. With Kwentong Creatives, his goal is to “really provide a valuable resource for other creatives— not just on industry advice, but also knowledge on the mental and emotional factors baked into the creative process. This is all coming from my personal experience as a director and musician. Whether through work or personal projects, over the years I’ve gotten to meet all these fascinating people from different fields, who all share insights that can be useful across the board.”


Unlike the usual podcasts we see on streaming platforms that can last for more than an hour, podcast episodes from Kwentong Creatives will only last for about 20 to 30 minutes. “I wanted to differentiate from other podcasts that have long drawn-out conversations and instead deliver a clear and concise episode, hopefully turning each episode into a short pep talk you can listen through multiple times.” Gio explains.

The podcast’s first episode features an interview with AF Benaza, Executive Director of Artillerie. Benaza, a veteran director in advertising with over twenty years of experience, also happens to be Gio’s mentor. Apart from sharing his experience as a commercial director, he also shares practical industry advice, such as knowing your value as a creative, and how you can effectively lead a team of creatives.

Gio also shared his podcast influences and recommendations. “I’d definitely recommend the work Ceej Tantengco is doing with PumaPodcast (she’s been somewhat of a spirit guide in my podcast journey), that’s Go Hard Girls & What’s AP (I love history podcasts hehe). I listen to Endslate too for my film and TV fix. Jim Bacarro’s Happy Dad & Wake Up with Jim and Saab have been inspirations too, after I told myself I’d finally get this project off the ground after I shot a Globe ad with Jim earlier this year. As for international podcasts I love listening to Conan O’Brien needs A Friend every week, but inspirations for the show have been more of the Tim Ferriss show, Science VS, and Dissect.”

With the podcast being relatively new, Gio shares what audiences can look forward to in the future. “You guys can expect the upcoming episodes from creatives making names for themselves in photography, music, design, advertising and content creation. I’ve got a few episodes in the bank, with other interviews scheduled in the coming months.”

You can check out Kwentong Creatives on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can listen to Kwentong Creatives on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all major streaming platforms:

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