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Pouf! Creative Director Winnie Wong introduces a minimalist approach to organizing with Everyday planners

Everyday planners want to empower individuals to focus on achieving their objectives and to-dos in a fuss-free undated manner with modern muted hues.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — One of the most effective ways to stay on top of your goals for the year and daily tasks is to keep track of it with a planner. The most popular ones over the years have been earned planners from popular coffee shops and those that provide vouchers for users to redeem every month of the coming year. But recent trends are showing that people these days have acquired a new taste for how they prepare for the months ahead — undated planners. This comes with people’s newfound affinity for minimalism and mindfulness in everything they use daily. 

“In designing our planners, the primary objective was to streamline the planning process by eliminating extra fluff elements and focusing on what truly matters — planning,” Pouf! Creative Director Winnie Wong explained. Through her passion for planning, Winnie went on a quest for a planner that offered the liberty to organize her days without being boxed in by dated plotting. “I wanted to create a product that solely encapsulated the true essence of planning. My inclination towards organizing is a manifestation of my approach to life, and the design of our planners is a testament to my thought process and methodology,” she shared on the creation of the two planners. 

She elaborated that the Pouf! Everyday planners’ mission lies in the desire to empower individuals to focus on achieving their objectives and to-dos. “By eliminating excess and honing in on the essential, we aim to provide a framework that promotes productivity and enables individuals to direct their energy towards their goals.”


The brand offers planners perfect for fuss-free individuals: the 12-month Everyday Classic planner and the six-month Everyday Slims. When asked to whom she would recommend the 12-month and six-month planners to, Winnie explained, “The decision ultimately hinges on individual preferences. Whether you prefer to plan ahead [for the whole year] or value portability and prefer to carry a lightweight planner, we strive to cater to your needs and provide a product that aligns with your unique preferences.” Both models also come in tasteful muted colors that complement people’s palettes.

Both planners feature a full-month spread for quick glances on what’s to come, take note of important dates, and to help users plan from a wider perspective for their goals and activities for the month. Weekly pages are also at one’s disposal to break down tasks that are scheduled to be accomplished for each day, and to take notes or reminders daily. Winnie expounded, “Our planners possess a unique balance between structure and freedom, allowing you to operate within a weekly format while granting the autonomy to approach tasks according to your own preferences.”

Both the Classic and Slims feature pages dedicated to helping users stay on top of their big goals for the year, and a section on how to break them down into smaller tasks to attain the bigger picture. “The Pouf! Everyday planners are designed to be highly efficient, enabling you to accomplish your goals with maximum efficiency,” she elaborated. “As we all know, setting and achieving goals can be a daunting process, particularly when one is uncertain of how to go about it. Our planner addresses this issue by breaking down goals into both big and small categories, with the latter designed to facilitate a step-by-step approach to achieving your desired outcome.” Winnie illustrated that this feature allows users to dream big while providing a clear road map for their aspirations. By dissecting the big objectives into manageable tasks, the Everyday planners make the impossible into an attainable reality.

No organized individual would be complete without a tracker of expenses, savings, and everything in between. And having all of these easily accessible with your trusty planner is a convenient way to stay within your budget. “One of the standout features of our planner is the budget page, which serves as an excellent starting point for individuals who are just embarking on their savings journey. This particular section enables you to map out your budget and monitor your monthly expenses, providing invaluable insights into your spending patterns. Personally, this is one of my favorite aspects of the planner,” Winnie added.

Plan your days ahead as you wish without the pressure of following a strict schedule with the Pouf! Everyday Classic and Everyday Slims planners. Both variants are available in seven regular colors and two limited editions colors. 

Shop the Everyday planners on Pouf’s website. You can also follow Pouf! on Facebook for updates.

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