Film: Viddsee and Deloitte collaborate to launch two short film series spotlighting Singapore female leads

SINGAPORE — Viddsee and Deloitte Singapore today announced the upcoming launch of two Viddsee Originals short film series spotlighting strong female roles. 

Both series – titled Anatomy of an Athlete and Ambition – are part of Viddsee’s yearly original slate. The short films in the series hope to inspire and empower the next generation of young girls and women by celebrating and telling authentic stories of women who defy all odds to find their own voice and their own place in the world. 

The two short film series will be launched through the #fACE campaign, an initiative by Viddsee and Deloitte to help girls and women access the right skills and opportunities, by generating an ever-expanding pattern of small gestures and personal connections that we believe will ultimately lead to a more balanced world. 


#fACE, an abbreviation for ‘Female Ace’, steps into the lives of the profiles and female filmmakers to spark conversations through the sharing of ideas, thoughts and experiences tackled in both series, such as, gender discrimination and contemporary ideas of femininity. Viewers of the series can participate in various online activities, exclusive premieres, live chats and stand a chance to win premiums via the #fACE campaign microsite.

Anatomy of an Athlete is part of Viddsee’s social documentary pillar VOICES, and the series highlights and celebrates Singapore’s female athletes to shed more light on their inspirations, journey and personal stories in their sporting pursuits. Athletes featured include Deloitte’s own employee and Olympian Amanda Ng (Windsurfing), as well as Farhanna Farid (Powerlifting), Jen Goh (Golf), Leona Hui (Boxing) and Martina Veloso (Shooting). 

“Anatomy of an Athlete” premieres 21 July on or on its mobile app. 

Ambition is a 5-episode drama anthology that spotlights Singapore female filmmakers and their perspectives on modern female stories. Authentic, personal and thought-provoking, the series hopes to engage a broad spectrum of female audiences and explore what it means to defy expectations in today’s context.

“Ambition” premieres 2 August on or on its mobile app. 

“Inspirational stories told through films is a powerful way to break stereotypes,” says Ho Jia Jian, CEO and co-founder of Viddsee, “and when we see more female leads on screen, we will see more of that reflected in real life. This is an endeavour we strive to promote on Viddsee.” 

“Women’s voices have not always been at the forefront of history, even though they have shaped history. This is why our youngest generation needs to hear about these amazing stories, through accessible platforms such as these video series, so that they can become inspired to make a difference in whatever they choose to do,” says Cheung Pui Yuen, CEO, Deloitte Singapore 

To further reach out to our youth in the classrooms, educational resources to extend the impact of these empowering stories are also available on the microsite. Educators can utilise these lesson plans and activities built around the two series to promote discussions around gender equality as it evolves across generations. 

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