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ADFEST 2019: Manila-Based Agency TBWASantiago Mangada Puno Interprets Theme “TMRRW.TDAY” in Stunning Visual Design

PATTAYA Delegates arriving in Thailand for this year’s ADFEST were greeted by the theme of the festival, “TMRRW.TDAY”, presented via a bold visual treatment seen on collaterals throughout the venue. With animated versions showing the linear passage of time by recalling an analogue clock’s movements, the logo’s striking lines and contrasting colors invite delegates to learn more about the Festival’s offerings.

The branding for ADFEST 2019 was crafted by Manila-based agency TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno. Following TBWA\SMP Chief Creative Officer Melvin Mangada’s stint as President of the ADFEST 2018 Design Jury, he was approached by the organizers to interpret the 2019 edition’s theme through branding.


On creating ADFEST 2019’s visual identity, Mangada said, “We took inspiration from the passing of time – our way of showing that TDAY does indeed meet TMRRW at AdFest 2019.”

As interpreted by Mangada and his design team, the logo shows time moving ever-forward, while drawing the eye naturally towards the point where the words “TMRRW” and “TDAY” meet. According to TBWA\SMP Creative Director John Ed De Vera, the focal point signifies the creative pivot that separates the future from the present.

With creatives, accounts, and clients from across the region all coming together to celebrate the past year’s most creative works, it is fitting that ADFEST 2019’s visual identity is one that challenges all who see it to chart a course for tomorrow.

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