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Brand & Business: How you can drive a global career today with Shell

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — As the world’s largest energy brand valued at $42.2 billion, Shell’s heritage is built on a history of progress and transformation. Today, Shell moves forward and makes the future through the Shell Purpose: Powering progress together by providing more and cleaner energy solutions.

With its goal of becoming a net-zero emissions business by 2050, the brand is leading the world towards a future of sustainable energy and empowerment – and it takes the right people to forward that message.

Shell is building its Global Brand and Reputation Hub in Manila, a big move that signifies a breakthrough opportunity for the Philippines’ creative and marketing professionals. “We chose Manila because of its pool of world-class talent in relevant areas such as brand management, creative solutions, brand communications, and digital and social”, Shell’s Vice President – Brand and CEO of Shell Brands International Dean Aragon explained in the #MakeTheFuture job fair webcast, in partnership with adobo.


Speaking to prospective talents seeking a worldwide career at Shell, Dean shared his insights on what Filipino creative and marketing talents can look forward to when they join Shell, along with key leaders of the Shell brand team from around the world:

  • Rose Gonzales – Asia Regional Manager, Creative Solutions
  • Nikki Barr – Head of Digital Strategy and Operations 
  • John Atkins – Head of Digital Analytics
  • Americo De Campos Silva – Head of Integrated Brand Communications
  • David Williams – Head of Corporate Relations, Krakow and Manila

Learn more about the different teams that make up the Global Brand and Reputation Hub, the roles Shell is looking to fulfill, as well as the qualities they look for in their respective teams below.

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Creative Solutions

Providing world-class, highly effective, and powerful content and experiences for the Shell Brand, the Creative Solutions team is looking for individuals with outstanding skillset across executing events and experiences, film, photography, and integrated marketing communications. “The scale of the output that we deliver for the Shell brand covers design, experiential and films executed on a regional and global level”, Rose Gonzales, Regional Manager for Asia-Pacific, said. 

Dean further describes this team as effectively a global mid-sized creative enterprise serving one single brand: Shell. The Creative Solutions team is tasked to consistently demonstrate Shell’s value delivery through multi-disciplinary expertise.

Now hiring:

The Design Lead for APAC will work closely with the Global Discipline Lead for Design & Digital as the lead counterpart for the region and reporting to the Regional Manager based in Manila. Tasks involved are leading project managers and managing the digital, design and integrated communications portfolio across the region. The role requires an agile and inspiring lead with exceptional project and stakeholder management and solid creative stewardship.

The Account Manager provides counsel and perspective on groundbreaking creative solutions that create an impact on businesses and audiences. We are looking for a seasoned and driven professional who excels in forging strategic business partnerships and championing the delivery of the region’s growth ambitions. 

The Project Manager for Design and Digital deliver creative and compelling strategic projects for Shell which comprises design, digital, brand, photography, integrated communications, presentations and print. This role suits a highly creative and empowered individual with solid experience in end-to-end project management and creative stewardship.

The Project Manager for Experiential is tasked to deliver large-scale projects within the experiential discipline which execute a programme of physical, virtual, and hybrid events and experiences for the Shell brand. We are looking for an event practitioner, who is experienced in end-to-end project management and has the competencies to drive inspiring, effective, and cost-efficient human-to-human engagements. 

The Project Manager for Film leads the creation of compelling and award-winning films for the Shell brand. We are looking for a visionary individual who is seasoned in film production management and end-to-end project management.

As part of Shell’s experiential and events team, the experiential coordinator will be tasked to work closely with the Global Discipline Lead for Experiential, Regional Experiential Leads, and Project Managers within the APAC region. We are looking for a professional with a strong events management background and organizational skills which will contribute to the successful execution of the team’s work delivery.

Digital and Social Media

As the no. 1 brand by location footprint on Facebook and Instagram and with 25 million social media consumers, Shell will need digital and social media experts to plot out strategies across its several digital and social channels.

Nikki Barr, Head of Digital Strategy and Operations, described their prospects as core experts for digital and social at Shell. “The way we deliver impact is by partnering with marketers as their trusted advisers, and that’s to help them to get the most out of their channels. This role is about thinking strategically and pushing boundaries to drive better use of platforms.”

The key quality needed for the role? An unwavering passion for digital as an industry. “You have to know your channels, know your demographics, and utilize them to their full potential – having a level of expertise that will allow you to work at the top level of consultancy for digital.”

Now hiring:

The Digital and Social Excellence Lead is the primary specialist consultant across digital and social within the APAC region, leading a team of Digital Excellence Advisors to enable world-class content creation, drive and help develop channel strategy, push the boundaries of Shell’s digital and social platforms and deliver innovation.

As Digital and Social Excellence Advisor, you are in charge of setting the Shell group strategy across all digital and social media within APAC, creating world-class content, driving channel strategy, and delivering innovation and creativity on Shell’s digital and social platforms.

The Digital and Social Excellence Adv Licensee is a digital and social media specialist driving key efforts in Shell’s retail licensing business. You will grow in a supportive global company with over 46,000 retail service stations across 80 countries, powering the lives of millions of people.

Insights & Analytics

Shell is forming a brand-new Insights & Analytics department, and the brand is looking for people with a deep understanding of these subject areas. According to John Atkins, Head of Digital and Analytics, the department is the coming together of two previous teams: the digital analytics and SEO team, and the team that manages the non-digital forms of data or research, including opinion and news media data. The roles in Insights and Analytics offer an area full of opportunity with over 57 million customers coming through Shell domains each year.

Now hiring:

The SEO Lead is in charge of building and delivering a potent SEO strategy that drives effective content on Shell’s channels. We are on the lookout for an SEO expert who is experienced in striking strategic business partnerships, developing and implementing SEO processes and best practices, and is knowledgeable in measuring success.

The Web Analyst drives engagement and shapes the customer’s digital journey by using data to help develop powerful content. We are looking for an experienced and detail-oriented individual with knowledge in forging business partnerships, and is adept at developing the web analytics roadmap and strategy, as well as forming processes and best practices.

Integrated Brand Communications

Americo de Campos Silva, Head of Integrated Brand Communications, said that the integrated brand communications team is an opportunity to expand the scale and size of Filipino talent in powering Shell’s transformation. “It is a tipping point for our brands. It’s a moment of repositioning of the brand. Our communication will need to reflect that going forward. It already reflects that today, but I would say it will reflect even more in the future”, Americo said.

Americo explained that the team is looking for specialists who can handle project management for global campaigns, as well as professionals focused on Shell Eco Marathon. With 1 billion impressions, over 50 countries represented and participants from prestigious engineering universities, the Shell Eco-Marathon is one of the world’s most prestigious STEM programmes.

After pivoting to a virtual event last year, the Shell Eco-Marathon is venturing into Esports. “We see a lot of potential to engage a much bigger audience than the audience that we have today – that will be something really different and new for us. We are looking for someone that has strong experience in Esports that is able to lead this project.”

Now hiring

Shell is looking for driven and independent professionals who will be in charge of the management of global agencies and its performance. You must be seasoned in global project management, and adept at content management platform (CMP) implementation.

The SEM Social Media & Web team is in charge of building a strong community of SEM participants and enthusiasts. You will be tasked to test and learn effective strategies that resonate with Gen Z. You must demonstrate digital savvy and has mastered SEM digital presence across the web and social channels. 

Shell is looking for a SEM E-Sports and Gaming Adviser who can develop and launch globally the first online game based on SEM. You must develop a new e-sports proposition and reach millions of gamers worldwide. 

Corporate Relations

Shell is also looking for talented communicators to strengthen its Corporate Relations team, focusing on public relations, public affairs, and reputation management. These positions are looking for people skilled in external and internal communications, social and digital expertise, content creation, and project management, according to David Williams, Head of Corporate Relations – Krakow and Manila. Aside from handling corporate relations and social media communities in Asia-Pacific, the department is also looking for someone who can support Shell’s social performance teams.

Now hiring:

The Social Community Advisor counsels on data analysis and insight that help improve programs as well as the Shell brand’s community relations. They will help build a social media community that is engaged on energy topics through monitoring, engaging, and responding to content across corporate social media channels; reporting on issues and crisis, and providing advice to colleagues on social media engagement tactics.

While a global career awaits, Shell is also on the cusp of launching a future of change – marking this an exciting time to join the company. As Dean has made the case for Filipino talent in a diverse and international team, Shell’s Global Brand and Reputation Hub offers to scale up the presence of local talent in the global arena.

“Shell’s Global Brand and Reputation Hub plays to the strengths of the Filipinos because the Filipinos have always been quite natural in blending with other cultures, integrating without losing our sense of identity – and finding ways by which we can contribute”, Dean says. “I think the passion that we have, also translates to a lot of creativity, a lot of curiosity. So to me, the culture of learning, curiosity and contribution will be the prevalent culture in this setting.”

#MakeTheFuture and embark on a purposeful, global career at Shell. Apply at Shell Corporate Relations today.


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