Brand & Business: LOLA MullenLowe Paris Opens its Doors to Freelancers and Creatives with “Space Invaders Paris”, a Free Co-working Space


PARIS, FRANCE — Creative advertising agency LOLA MullenLowe Paris opens its doors to freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, startup founders and basically any creative looking for a safe place to work with the launch of “Space Invaders Paris”, a free co-working space.

Located in the same building as the award-winning agency, Space Invaders Paris offers unlimited wifi, a creative hub to think and create, a community of fellow creators, and cuddly dogs – all for free. The agency has dedicated two rooms free of use for up to ten people for a duration of three months, focusing on the spirit of community as the unique concept of the space. As stated on the Space Invaders website, “being surrounded by creative people will encourage you to better develop your idea” – and we wholeheartedly agree.

About this initiative, Chacho Puebla, Chief Creative Officer of LOLA Mullen Lowe, says that “Many of us would have liked to have this opportunity at our beginnings, and we want to contribute to the growth of the creative community. We have a unique space that we want to share with you, and who will help you to stimulate your creativity.” 

Interested parties can book their desk at


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