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Brand & Business: Rakuten Viber teams up with DOH for a COVID-fighting sticker pack featuring Alden Richards

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – In a global pandemic, fake news and unverified information are not only confusing, but can also be dangerous. That’s why the Department of Health (DOH) is releasing a brand-new Viber sticker pack featuring Alden Richards, which aims to spread credible and helpful information to further aid Filipinos in the battle against COVID-19. Now, Viber empowers you to spread health and safety tips—and maybe save lives—just by sending friends some Pambansang Bae-approved stickers. 

The sticker pack is linked to DOH’s bot nicknamed KIRA, short for “Katuwang na Impormasyon para sa Responsableng Aksyon” that has over 120,000 subscribers on Viber. The stickers are launched in support of DOH’s BIDA Solusyon sa COVID-19 campaign to encourage Filipinos to take a more active role in the fight against the virus by following the 4-letter reminder: B for Bawal walang mask; I for I-sanitize ang mga kamay, iwas-hawak sa mga bagay; D for Dumistansya ng isang metro; and A for Alamin ang totoong impormasyon

Ever since the pandemic hit the Philippines, Viber has become a reliable platform for credible outlets to spread information and debunk myths. The DOH launched their own Viber Community in March to post updates on COVID-19 to around 1.7 million Filipinos. Last April, they created their own Viber bot to answer users’ questions about their symptoms and health. 


This new chapter in the Viber-DOH partnership further solidifies the app’s status as one of the most reliable providers of credible COVID-19 information in the Philippines. Several news outlets and health organizations have also created Communities on Viber to reach Filipinos, taking advantage of the app’s safe and private interface.

“We’re very glad to partner with Viber for our campaign against COVID-19,” says Dr. Beverly Lorraine Ho, Director of the Health Promotion and Communication Service (HPCS) of DOH. “As the messaging app of choice for millions of Filipinos, we’re confident that we can reach as many of our kababayans, and provide them with life-saving information that would help keep them safe and protected as we continue to fight this pandemic.” 

Take a stand against COVID-19 myths and fake news. Stay safe, healthy, and informed with Viber’s DOH stickers!


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