APAC – Uni Noodle is the leading brand for noodles in Taiwan for more than 43 years already. Naturally, along the way, a lot of other brands came popping up with their own unique flavours and offerings.

Through the help of ADK Taiwan, Uni Noodle became relevant again by offering a set of flavours that no one has ever tasted or even thought of–moods.

They showcased the flavour by creating mini movies set in a fictional noodle shop called the ‘House of Little Moments’ serving flavors for moods like ‘missing your ex’, ‘made a love confession but got rejected’, and ’need to say goodbye” to name a few.

The noodles flavoured by moods became such a hit that the brand had to build a real restaurant serving these meals which moody customers flocked to.

This brilliant campaign won the Grand Prix for Branded Content and Entertainment at Spikes Asia 2015.

Watch the full case study here: