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McDonald’s refuses to bear McWhopper love child with Burger King

DIGITAL – If Burger King’s (BK) Whopper asked McDonald’s (MCD) Big Mac’s hand in marriage, wouldn’t we all want to be godparents of their McWhopper baby? Yes, yes, we do. But that’s not going to happen now.

Despite Burger King’s heartfelt proposal, the kind that lady burgers could only dream to get–a one page ad on The New York Times and Chicago Tribune of its earnest letter to McDonald’s, a #mcwhopperproposal call out across its social media accounts, and a website ( laying all the proposal’s ingredients on the table–McDonald’s, sadly, didn’t say yes.


Burger King hoped to support and help spread global awareness about non-profit organization Peace One Day’s cause to institutionalize September 21st as Peace Day which United Nations declared as a day of ceasefire and non-violence, and an answer to the call: “Who will you make peace with?” to end the burger chain’s beef with its long-standing rival, McDonald’s.

The proposal–to create a hybrid burger which is equal parts a Big Mac and a Whopper–and shall be known as the McWhopper. The limited edition hybrid burger would be available for one day (that’s on September 21) in a McWhopper pop up store to be built in Atlanta which is halfway McDonald’s HQ in Chicago and Burger King’s HQ in Miami, served by a mix BK and MCD crew. The design of the pop up store, the service crew uniforms and up to the packaging will be a combination of the two burger joints’ branding. With all the proceeds going to Peace One Day.

Apparently, McDonald’s didn’t find this sweet when its CEO posted this response on Facebook.

But so were McDonald’s followers with its “cold” response.

Will McDonald’s reconsider? We hope so. Besides, love is sweeter the second time around.

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