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SDW 2019: adobo Tours Singapore Design Week – Celebrating the Best of Design in The Region

SINGAPORE — For the last six years since its inception, Singapore Design Week 2019 has been a melting pot for local and international design activities and programmes in Singapore. 
Held from 4 to 17 March 2019 and organised by DesignSingapore Council, the festival brings together folks from the design and business communities (students, professionals, and public sector officers alike) to celebrate Singapore as a platform for discovering and celebrating the best design talents and businesses throughout the region, as well as collaborating with partners like FORTUNE, Wallpaper*, the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC), International Furniture Fair Singapore Pte Ltd, LOPELAB, the National Heritage Board, the UNESCO Creative Cities in making the festival a huge success.
The overarching theme of this year’s festival poses a question to its audience: “What does well-designed mean to you?” The four programme tracks served to organise the vast array of shows and exhibitions to address this question, as well as consider the ways design affects and transforms daily lives, businesses, and communities: Inspire My Everyday, Transforming My Business, Empower my Community, and Reimagine My Future. 
“Design can shape and make it better for citizens and make it, make the city life more user-centric for citizens and we feel that’s very powerful,” says Mark Wee, Executive Director of Design Singapore Council. “We feel that’s very important for our own economy and our own companies to understand the value that design can bring today and how it is more important today than before because the world has changed.  
For this edition of SDW,  adobo magazine was invited by the Singapore Tourism Board to check out the highlighted activities such as Wallpaper* Handmade, Brainstorm Design, International Furniture Fair Singapore, UNESCO Creative Cities of Design Public Forum, and SingaPlural.

Collector’s Case (2019) by Lanzavecchia + Wai and Globe-Trotter

Matches vessels (2016) by
Will Yates-Johnson and Nason Moretti

Pearl Chee, Director of
WOHA and Yap Chin Beng, Senior Adviser of Estate and Corporate, Housing and Development Board Singapore, on designing communities.


BO(U)LDER by EDL x Formwerkz for SingaPlural 2019

Agnes Kwek (Design Ambassador, Economic Development Board Singapore), Mark Wee (Executive Director of DesignSingapore Council), Stewart Murdoch (Director, Leisure & Culture), Hisashi Komatsu (Associate Professor, Nagoya University) and Choi Kyung-Ran (Seoul Design Foundation) on Design x Policy during UNESCO Creative Cities of Design Public Forum



International Furniture Fair Singapore 2019


Ernie Koh, Chairman of International Furniture Fair Singapore gives a tour around KODA


Street of Clans at Bukit Pasoh Road


Street of Clans at Bukit Pasoh Road


Street of Clans merchandise kiosks


Mark Wee shared a statement that succinctly wrapped the essence of Singapore Design Week and the impact of design in our everyday lives:
I think the overarching theme behind it is you wanna be able to make design be understood more than just aesthetics, or more than just how something looks. But how design is now really part of everyone’s lives, and is part of you as a business person, is part of the community, and it can do so many things.” 

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