SOUTHEAST ASIA – Singapore and the Philippines’ enthusiasm for advertising and marketing talent was displayed in the form of the double-digit annual growth reported during November, according to the data provided by the Monster Employment Index, released by today.

The Monster Employment Index (MEI) is a monthly gauge of online hiring activity across Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, tracked by It comprises data of overall hiring activity in each country, as well as specific data in the marketing and advertising sector.

The Philippines outdid its Southeast Asian peers by reporting 21% year-on-year growth for November. Singapore followed closely with its 15% annual growth in demand for marketing executives, a 7% improvement from its year-on-year growth of 8% in October.

Similar to the preceding months, Malaysia’s demand for advertising talent in November was unsatisfactory. The country reported a 5% annual decline.


Jobseekers in the Philippines were spoilt for choice in terms of marketing and advertising roles, as this was far ahead of its Southeast Asian peers. Like previous months, the Philippines was the only country in the region to report a year-on-year growth of 25% for November. Singapore saw a modest 6% annual growth for the same month.

As observed during previous months, Malaysia continued to perform negatively during November and witnessed a 4% decline in the same month.


“Consumer brands are faced with the challenge of reaching out to a content-hungry, tech- savvy demographic that has access to information at their fingertips. To truly differentiate themselves from competitors, brands are looking to hire marketing executives with a multifaceted skill set – individuals who can effortlessly speak the language of their target consumers, work well with technology and leverage trends to produce meaningful marketing campaigns,” said Abhijeet Mukherjee, CEO of – APAC and Middle East.

“As new technological considerations become part of marketing ecosystem, companies must work on upskilling their labour force. Fresh graduates who wish to succeed in this line of work must possess expertise in several areas.”