CANNES – Cannes Lions unveils its eight big themes for next year’s most-awaited industry festival, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Cannes Lions is where brilliant brand marketers, creative gurus, tech innovators and content makers come to create, connect, collaborate and celebrate.

Attendees will enjoy five days of inspiration, insights, meetings, and talks tackling big issues and real-life problems head-on in stimulating and pragmatic ways. Every moment is engineered to deliver the tools and knowledge you need to supercharge business performance and results through marketing creativity.

Over 900 leading industry experts have shared their concerns, insights and visions for the future of creative marketing communications to help shape the key themes for the 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity…


1. Proving creative effectiveness

In a world of big data and shiny tech, how and why does the ‘Big Idea’ matter? Does efficiency mean effectiveness? How do you marry creativity with commercial results? Are we still selling creativity short?


2. Being inclusive and embracing equality and diversity

Hear original and credible perspectives from diversity champions about how to create fair and equal workforces. What are the new benchmarks for brand work that promotes diversity and inclusion? And what are the wider benefits for culture and society?


3. Exploiting the changes sweeping our industry

We’ll explore the deep structural changes and shifts to the branded communication landscape. How can we build outstanding creative capabilities, whatever workspace we inhabit? And where will the best talent be in two, five or ten years time?


4. Winning in a digital economy

Hear case studies from some of the world’s largest brands. How are they transforming to maintain customer relevance? What does best-in-class digital transformation look like? How can you marry technology and creativity to create customer-centric communications?


5. Creative strategy

Understand the ideas behind the idea. Hear from strategists, psychologists, futurists and behavioural economists. They’ll share the human insights that have changed how we think about targeting, personalisation and reach. Can creativity solve fundamental business problems?


6. Using creativity as a force for good

See the breakthrough work inspiring positive action and change in an uncertain and stormy world. How can creativity drive lasting cultural change? Do consumers expect brands to fill the void left by politicians? Should brands today pick a side?


7. Story-telling, creating experiences, and beautiful craft

Dive into how to develop long-lasting consumer engagement in the age of fast content and fads. What does the new customer value exchange look like? How can you create consistency across touchpoints and provide rich consumer journeys in the ‘age of me’?


8. Trust, ethics and transparency

What can we do to restore trust? Which brands are already doing this well? What can we learn from new challenger brands whose entire ethos – from material, product development, supply chain and advertising – is sustainably set up.