SPAIN — Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid presents ‘The Weather Challenge’ for the new Toyota Aygo with a canvas sunroof.

The idea focuses on how weather forecasters consistently deliver inaccurate forecasts, despite the fact that many people rely on them. They never have to be accountable; they still keep their jobs.  No matter what. Come rain or shine. In the film, the forecasters are forced to face the consequence of their inaccuracies and face the ‘Weather Challenge’.

Maxi Itzkoff & Mariano Serkin CCO Saatchi & Saatchi Europe explained: “We gave the new Aygo to three famous forecasters in three different European cities, for a month.  The roof of the car was synchronized to each forecaster’s weather prediction. If they predicted rain, the canvas roof would stay closed. But if they predicted sun, the roof would remain open, no matter what the weather.’

“Aygo is fun and irreverent so we wanted to do something aligned with the brand personality. The most difficult part of the idea was to convince famous forecasters to be part of the challenge” said Stephane Rydlewski, Creative, Media & Production Manager, Toyota Europe.

Watch the TV spot here:

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