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APAC has the Highest Video Viewability with SEA in the lead, according to DoubleVerify’s latest media report

SINGAPORE — DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, has released its “2023 Global Insights Report,” analyzing trends from nearly 5.5 trillion media transactions across over 1,000 customers in nearly 100 countries. The report highlights key digital media quality trends and demonstrates the need for always-on verification across channels to create the foundation for impactful performance.

“Based on our research, in order to drive consistent performance, it is essential that advertisers engage verification across all campaigns and environments,” said Collette Spagnolo, Vice President of Marketing Analytics at DoubleVerify. “When verification is turned off or not applied, an advertiser becomes vulnerable to the swings in quality caused by unpredictable news cycles and increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes. Moreover, always-on protection helps the industry maintain a common and consistent gauge of media quality everywhere, as verification techniques evolve to encompass emerging channels for content consumption. Having coverage, protection, and insight into all channels is critical.”

This year’s report looked at quality trends across regions and devices, and compared results for campaigns that leverage verification (managed/protected) to a campaign that did not (unmanaged/unprotected) — with dramatic differences in quality.


Key takeaways from DoubleVerify’s report this year include:

APAC had the Highest Video Viewability

  • APAC leads across all regions with the highest video viewability, despite a 6% decrease in video viewability year-over-year.
  • For the second year in a row, Southeast Asia (SEA) continued to achieve one of the highest video viewability rates (85%) globally.
  • Globally, viewability in 2022 is up (display: +4% to 69%; video: +2% to 74%) while fraud continues to decline (-25% to 1.1%) and brand suitability violations remain flat (no change to 7.1%). These trends speak to how the industry has evolved and reflect the quality of inventory purchased by advertisers that use verification.

APAC Fraud/SIVT Rates the Lowest among all regions

  • APAC fraud/SIVT rate increased by 7% year-over-year, but remained the lowest across all regions, globally.
  • Fraud/SIVT stabilized in SEA with a rate of 1.5%.
  • Fraud/SIVT in Indonesia and the Philippines dropped by 30% and 13% respectively, while it had a sizable increase of 142% in Thailand.
  • Japan (68% increase) and India (95% increase) saw some of the most pronounced increases in fraud/SIVT rates due to fraud violations on mobile applications in Japan (up 298%) and on desktops in India (up 234%). Still, both countries maintained some of the lowest rates in the region.

APAC has the second lowest brand suitability violation rate among all regions

  • APAC showed a 2% decrease overall in the brand suitability violation rate.
  • The brand suitability violation rate for SEA increased by 7%.

Opportunity exists for advertisers that prioritize attention

  • Amid economic uncertainty and the deprecation of personal identifiers, advertisers are increasingly turning to attention-based measurement to help optimize campaign performance and enhance ROI.
  • Media investments in APAC are heavily focused on in-app inventory. APAC historically has excellent video performance, and ads placed in mobile apps see higher overall attention.
  • Most advertisers run campaigns that deliver to sites or apps that have low attention rates; however, DV’s analysis shows there is a substantial available inventory that could deliver higher attention and performance.

Conrad Tallariti, DoubleVerify Regional Vice President of Sales for Asia, added, “The digital media landscape is more saturated and complex than ever, with ads and content vying for attention – a finite resource. We can see that bad actors are trying to take advantage of the increasing digital ad spend in the region with the spike in fraud/SIVT rates in markets like Thailand. In such an environment, advertisers need to safeguard their investments through ensuring always-on verification on all channels or risk wasting media dollars. We hope this year’s Global Insights Reports will help marketers to get a better understanding of the verification metrics that matter and how these drive business results.”

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